Weekly Rundown

Another successful week of training!  We continue to keep setting the bar high and we’re meeting each time.  Our confidence is building and we are getting stronger each week.  I love seeing the progress our Gasparilla group!  We got this!


Monday – This week has been another dreary and cold week.  I just don’t have it in me to bundle up to head outside for just one mile so I’ve been doing them indoors.  Monday was no different.  One indoor mile

Tuesday – I completed my second MAF test and saw some great results!  I gained 40 seconds on the 3 miles.  Faster pace but my HR stays at the same level.  All this training is working and I’m excited to see what the next test shows.  I got in 4 miles, one warm-up and 3 for the test.

Wednesday – One indoor mile I had hoped to do more, but with a late day at school, I couldn’t get any more in.

Thursday – I had another busy day at school, but I brought my running clothes and made it a point to get a run in.  If I had 40 minutes, I was going to run.  I got in a 5K in between school and volunteering to sell tickets for our home wrestling match.  I was thrilled!  Avg HR 137

Friday – Another indoor mile at school during planning

Saturday – I forgot my watch for this one and ran “unplugged” for our 11 miler.  It was a blessing in disguise!  I was thrilled when Christine told me we were at mile 7.  The miles flew by and I felt great the whole time.  Unfortunately, my heart rate monitor was acting crazy!  It would go from 133 to 210 back to 135.  It was driving me crazy.  I turned it off and just ran using Christine and Cara’s HR.  Having done this for so long, I can tell when I’m “high” even before my HR beeps anyways. Another great thing about running on HR, we all know the HR difference between each other and we’re within 10 beats of each other.

Sunday – We ran a local race route for our 14 miler this morning.  It’s a hillier course with overall elevation gain of 634. We hadn’t run it in awhile so it was something different.  I felt super when I first started, ran really evenly paced.  About mile 8, the hills were starting to beat me down.  I slowed my pace back a bit and felt a little better, but I was still having to talk myself into not walking.  I kind of ran and walked on and off through mile 10-11.  We finally hit the downhill section and I started feeling better again.  I stopped at mile 11.5 and had to really get myself together.  The other girls were feeling the same way I was and we just sucked it up and headed back through the last part of the run and the start of the mostly uphill climb to the end.  By this point, my HR was not cooperating and I could barely make it up any of the hills.  I walked a few and then just did the best I could, knowing my HR was above where it should be.  Overall, I was only over my HR by 10 minutes of the 2:30+ I was out there.  So, I didn’t totally blow it as bad as I thought!  Avg HR 137cannonballelevation

Total Weekly Mileage: 35.12 miles

How was your week?  Did you have any tough workouts or runs that you had to overcome or talk yourself through?

Happy Week!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Yesterday I had a long run on the plan. And we were in the midst of a blizzard. I checked the forecast and went early, before the winds really picked up. I stuck close to home and ran a 5-ish loop twice. It was a challenge pushing myself to do that second loop!

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