Weekly Fitness Plan – Gasparilla Week 10

It’s our last challenging high mileage week before we start tapering for Gasparilla. Everyone is still feeling good! I actually feel better than I have ever felt on some high mileage weeks during my typical marathon training. I will definitely be using the strategy for Crooked Road training in the fall.TampaTraining

Monday – 1 mile and maybe a BodyPump class. I’ll make the decision in the morning. Need to see how I feel after my long run today. If I’m not feeling BP, I can do PiYo lower body.

Tuesday – 3-4 miles with my friend, Kay’s running group. I have a late day at work so I’m excited to meet them for a night run.

Wednesday – 3-4 miles and PiYo upper body

Thursday – 1 mile and a yoga class at the gym

Friday – 1 mile and PiYo lower body

Saturday – 11 miler

Sunday – Just what we needed, a race to mix it up! Although we are running it as a training run, I’m on a 2 person team with Christine for the Massacre Marathon Relay. We get an awesome hoodie and a medal! Perfect training run! We have 15 miles, so I’ll grab another lap to get my miles in.

Total miles goal: 37 miles

Weekly focus: Stretching
I’ve not been as good at stretching this past week so I’m making an effort to go back to doing it nightly. I literally hit the bed and fell asleep so quickly all week.

What’s on your fitness plan for the week?  Do you have a weekly focus?

Happy Week!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Plan – Gasparilla Week 10

  1. We (my partner in crime) have a plan most weeks-the running and cross training for our next race the blue ridge marathon, so incorporating lots of strength and climbing endurance drills along with hilly long runs. Best of luck with Gasparilla! That was my hometown race a couple years back. Are you doing all the races??? Love the medals! The half is still one of my favorite. 🙂

  2. Nice plan Melanie! I hope to get in a 10-13 miler this week and also get in some chiropractic care and massage therapy for part of my training week

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