Weekly Rundown

After last weekend’s shaky runs, it was so great to feel good by mid-week and I knocked out some really good runs this week.  We’re keeping the momentum going and are all taking everything in stride.  I really believe that the support we are giving each other is what’s keeping us going and strong!  It’s one of my favorite things of this whole training thing!  It’s true teamwork!  Our goal is to be the support for one another to cross all those finish lines in just a month.  SO excited!

weeklyrundownMonday – one mile I still wasn’t feeling all that great after Sunday’s 13 miler.  It was all I could do.

Tuesday – one mile again. I felt feverish all day and kept it inside for my mile run.

Wednesday – After really paying attention to my food and water intake, I felt great by Wednesday.  I met Cara to get a 4 miler in before dark.  We had a super run! Avg HR 129

Thursday – I ran a neighborhood 5K solo.  I hadn’t run alone (other than mile days) for awhile and I made a point of changing my clothes as soon as I got home from school so I had no excuses.  I ran really well.  Felt strong, had good pace the whole time and my HR was cooperative.  I ran just over a 10 min pace for the 3.1 miles which is a rarity for HR training, but I’m so pleased.  Avg HR 129

Friday – one indoor mile on one nasty day

Saturday – 11 miler with the girls and Henry.  We ran a route that we hadn’t hit in awhile and the miles flew by!  We all commented how quickly the miles passed today.  Mother Nature was a mess and we saw all kinds of crazy weather changes throughout the run.  Cold, windy, a bit warmer, rain, no rain, sleet…all over the place!  It was entertaining!  Avg HR 135

Sunday – 13 miles or as we called it 3 4.3 mile routes.  On some of our longer runs, we’ve found that making them into a few smaller out and back routes actually helps us.  We don’t have to carry water because we come back to our cars every time.  Bathroom is there too.  Totally convenient for some of our longer mile days! I had the HR mother load of all days.  Usually on my 2nd long run of the weekend, I tend to run a little higher, but for whatever reason, not yesterday.  My HR stayed really low and reasonable through mile 11.  Just around mile 11.5, it started to creep up and wouldn’t come down as easily if I slowed down. I had to walk for the first time just past mile 12.  I had an amazing long run!  I’ll take it! Avg HR 137weekendrun

“Mile”stone of the Week!

I hit day 635 on my long run Sunday and I ran my 2600th mile of my run streak!  I use the Run Streak app to keep up with my miles. runstreak

How did your week go?  Hit any “mile”stones this weekend?

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Happy Week!

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14 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

    • I have just had to slow way down. When I first started, I had to walk up just about every hill. I was running about 12:00-12:30 pace to keep it that low. Just now, I’m creeping into the lower 10’s for pace. Proof it’s working! HR is staying the same but my pace is getting quicker. My biggest tip is to give it the time it needs to do a workout. Everything will take longer at the beginning. Find a friend who is willing to do it too! Helps me a lot!

  1. “mile” stones. I LOVE it!! I guess mine would be a rockin’ 14 miler last Sunday. You’ve had a great week despite the crazy weather. I still haven’t had the pleasure of running in the snow/sleet haha 😉 and you are so right about teamwork building each other up. It’s a huge boost of encouragement. Hope you have a super week!

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