Thinking Out Loud Thursday

The weekend just got one step closer! We made it to Thursday!! I’m pretty excited to be joining Thinking Out Loud Thursday hosted by Running With Spoons.Thinking-Out-Loud

I’m pretty excited that Cara and I will be pacing the Race 13.1 Fayetteville and Raleigh-Fall races again! We had an awesome time with both trips and now that we know the courses, we should be a bit more comfortable pacing. They changed the Raleigh course and took out big hill at the end! I’m not complaining one bit!

Training for Gasparilla is kicking up even more this weekend! My miles have jumped up to 32 for the week but with using MAF, I’ve hardly noticed as far the fatigue that usually starts about now. I feel great and I’m excited about our long runs this weekend!

Speaking of long runs, I realized that my favorite part of training so far are the back to back runs on the weekend. Now that we are all running the same mileage, we get to all run together more! It’s become very social which I love!! Normally, we’d all say goodbye on a Saturday and not see each other until the next weekend run. Not now! We all see each other twice! 🙂

At work, I have a student teacher and she is awesome! I’m just as excited to work with her as she is to be there. I’m trying my best to give her a real glimpse into teaching and encouragement to take risks while she’s with me! My kiddos like her already so she’s won half the battle already! She starts taking over full time in just a few weeks.

We’ve been making some home improvements lately. We’ve lived in our home for almost 11 years now and everything needs a little sprucing and some refreshing! I bought some new things for our bathroom: rugs, towels and wall decorations. We bought a new dishwasher too! Ours went kaput. Next we’re looking at a washer and dryer and working on our hall bathroom. I just haven’t decided what upgrades to do yet! I enjoy the whole process!bathroom

So what’s going on with you? How’s work, life, and your exercising going?

Happy Week!

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6 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Thursday

  1. Don’t you think after 10-15 years in a home, you should be able to get all new stuff? We finally redid our living room and I got my husband to put in wood floors. It looks so nice! I was so embarrassed by the old room, I didn’t want to have anyone over!

  2. Awwww. I love how nice you are towards your student teacher. So many of my friends did that and it was incredibly difficult.

    Good luck with Gasparilla!

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