Run Streaking? Get Creative!

So yesterday, I hit day 623 on my run streak and I’m thankful that I am still going.  This past week tested me and my run streak!   I’m not going to lie…I really thought about not going on the work trip for fear that it would take me out of it.  It wouldn’t be an injury.  It wouldn’t be something really serious health-wise or a family situation.  It would be a work trip (which rarely ever happens anyways!).  It made me nervous not having complete control of the situation and how do I share that this run streak is important to me without sounding like an obsessed lunatic?!  I mean, I just had to run one mile.  That’s it!

Before you even start a run streak, you have to realize that for some of your miles you are going to have to come up with some pretty creative ways of getting in a mile.  I think that if this trip would have have come earlier in my streak, I would have probably flipped out way more than I did or I would have just maybe have given in and stopped it.  This trip just meant that I had to be ready to run a mile at any point in time and I’d have to make my run streak part of the trip.

How creative do you have to get to get that one mile in?  Well, that depends on how much time you have and how motivated you are!  The only thing you need is GPS (phone or watch) to keep up with your mileage!  The rest is up to you!

Time Saving ideas

Make your mile run part of whatever you have to do.  No where does it say you have to run one consecutive mile, so I’ve broken up some of my mile runs.

The official definition of a running streak, as adopted by the Streak Runners International, Inc., and United States Running Streak Association, Inc., is to run at least one mile (1.61 kilometers) within each calendar day. Running may occur on either the roads, a track, over hill and dale, or on a treadmill.

Run while doing errands.  Run back and forth to the car.

Run while loading and unloading the car (part of my Ocracoke Strategy on the day we left)

Run in time increments: run a minute every hour or run half in the morning and half in the afternoon

Like any good musical where characters break out into song, break out into a run any time throughout your day.

Run around a parking lot while you wait for your food.  Yes, I’m serious.  One beautiful Spring Friday afternoon last year, a group of us went out to find the nearest patio for brews and food right after work.  I had not run my mile.  So, while we waited for our food, I took off in the parking lot, making loops.  Mile done and I rewarded myself with a brew! 🙂

Children at home?  During warmer days, Hayden would play in the front yard and I’d run loops around our cul-de-sac.  Some days, she’d grab her bike and ride along side me.  Push them in a stroller if they are teeny.  Find a local track and take the kiddos with you.  Colder months?  Resort to inside running during naps.

Motivation Ideas

It’s cold and rainy.  You need a mile, just one mile.  The thought of getting dressed to run one mile outside sounds very unappealing.  Solution?  Run inside.  If you have a treadmill, that would be the best choice.  No treadmill?  No problem.  I’ve run plenty of miles inside my house, my classroom, and hotels.  I have a specific loop I follow in my house.  I reverse the route every two laps so that I use both legs on turns.

Run at work.  Take off down empty hallways when no one’s looking!

No running shoes?  Run in boots. Run in flip flops.  Run barefoot. I’ve done them all!

No running clothes?  Not an excuse!  Run in pajamas.  I have!  Run in work clothes!  Dress pants and running shoes can look hot.  Ok, maybe not.  But still!  Run anyways. There were several weeks last year where I’m pretty sure my neighbors thought I lost it!

On a trip?  Research the area around where you are staying and run a short route to get your mile in. (Ocracoke strategy!)

Whether or not you are a runstreaker, these same tips may apply to any of your runs!  Where there is a will, there is a way! Most importantly, make it fun!

How creative have you been to get a run in?  If you are a runstreaker, what’s your most creative mile run?

Happy Week!

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8 thoughts on “Run Streaking? Get Creative!

  1. I ran a mile in the airport terminal this past summer. My flight got canceled and my new flight was in the afternoon which put me getting home after midnight. It was either run in the airport or the streak would be done. I got lots of crazy stares but I didn’t care lol!

  2. 623 is seriously amazing, and those are some great tips! I kinda feel like I should get back into running again (still a huge maybe, har har), since you don’t need a gym or a bunch of equipment/weights for it. Assuming that I don’t freeze! :O

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