Weekly Rundown

This week was a bit tricky and I did better with my mileage than I thought.  Traveling for work might have derailed my training or my running streak but with a little creativity, I got it all done!


Monday – While on my work trip, we luckily had a good mix of work with a few breaks to explore the island.  This meant that I’d have time to get my mile in.  We explored the Ocracoke Lighthouse and Springer’s Point and I ran back from there to the place where we were staying.  I got one mile in and turned around and ran back out to get in 2 miles.  I didn’t wear my HR monitor and I ran fast.  Totally broke the rules!  ocracokelighthouse

Tuesday – We had a chance to head to the beach for our break and two other co-workers wanted to run back with me!  I was so excited to have company.  Both girls are newer runners and they asked me to tell them a story while we ran.  I told them all about all the weird things I’ve seen while running….a whole cucumber, a deer leg…a drunk on the greenway…  I talked for the whole 2.3 miles and those girls never stopped to walk!!  I was so happy for them!  They did awesome!ocracokebeach

Wednesday – We had time to visit the British Cemetery and the local K-12 school.  It was getting really cold this day and we were bundled up while we walked.  I jogged back and got my mile in for the day!

Thursday – Today was our travel day and due to the weather, the ferry from Hatteras was delayed.  We had to take the longer ferry across to Swan Quarter.  I was a nervous wreck because I get sea sick!  I had to take seasickness med before I could even step foot on the ferry and ended up taking another one about half way through the ride.  With high winds, it was a bit of a hard ride for me.  It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be though! Luckily I ran my mile in short sprints going back and forth to the car and by running around my room.  Not my best mile, but a mile nonetheless.

Friday – I was so tired from the trip that I could only muster one mile.  I hoped for more, but no luck!

Saturday – We had our first long run of the weekend, 9 miles.  I planned a great route and halfway through it, I missed a chunk of it and we ended up having to do a short loop to gain the 1.5 I forgot!  It all worked out.  I felt really good and had a consistent pace.  Avg HR 137

Sunday – 10 miles for this second run.  We had another pretty decent route with no mess ups. 🙂  I had some really good miles 7-10 with most of those right around 10 min mile pace.  I was thrilled!  My HR has normally been a bit higher on the second run of the weekend, but today, it was all good!  Avg HR 129

How did your week go?  Any fun races?  How’s your training going?

Happy Week!

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10 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Nicely done! I’m impressed, especially with the running around the room to get miles in! Not sure I’d be so diligent lol I just started week two of marathon training!! So far I’m plugging right along. Beautiful lighthouse photo. I love lighthouses. Esp the OBX, Outer Banks, NC ones. Have a beautiful week!

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