Weekly Rundown

After a tough start to the week, it ended strongly  I got myself together and had some good late week runs.


Monday was a yucky day!  I think the weather, coming off of a Christmas high, and being tired did not help my motivation.  I ran one indoor mile.

On Tuesday, Cara and I hooked up to run 5 miles, the last of all her long runs.  We had a really good run and chat!  We kept a great pace and felt good when we finished.  We even saw a few snow flakes floating in the air! Avg HR 132.

I had another solo run on Wednesday.  I tried something different and did downhill repeats! It’s suggested while using the MAF method to include downhill sections as 10% of all runs.  It helps with running at max HR and leg turnover.  I ran a 1/2 mile to my favorite hill and walked up to the top.  I would run down for 30 seconds, turn and walk back up the hill for 1 min.  I did one full mile of repeats.  I felt great and it was fun! I finished off the rest of my miles with 1 mile and .5 downhill back to my house.  Overall a good run!

New Year’s Day!  I started Thursday off with an early morning cold run with Christie and Nikki.  It was 28 degrees! We met at the Y and ran a 4 mile route.  Christie and I hit a BodyPump class after.  It was a speedy run for me.  Avg HR 143

I kicked Friday morning off with a 3 miler.  It was a good run!  Just loosening up the legs.

Frosty 25K was on Saturday!  Check out the race recap here.

I got in one mile on Sunday before heading out of town for work.  It was all I could get in before our early morning departure.

Total miles: 32.5 miles

In addition to my runs, I also got in a daily 2 minute plank.

I also took part in RunnerDude‘s Great Weigh In on Friday!  Based on my current weight, vitals and body composition, I will get information back on where I am now and goals to improve my overall fitness and health.  I’ll check back in with Thad in July to have the same info taking and hopefully, if I’ve been smart, I’ll see improvements!  It’s a great way to start the year!

How was your week’s training?  Have you ever taken part in a health/fitness test before? 

Happy Week!

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Wow, nice running!! You really do rock!! You are so dedicated to running and to fitness!! You are fabulously inspirational!! Have a wonderful week! Happy New Year!! XOXO

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