Weekly Fitness Plan – Gasparilla Week 6

One week closer to Gasparilla!  My excitement keeps building each week as it gets closer and closer. Training has been going well.  We start kicking up our weekend mileage this week! It’s go time!


I’ll be in Ocracoke for work Monday through Wednesday.  We’ll be back in town on Thursday.  I’m being very realistic with my mileage for those 3 days and sticking with one mile, but hoping for more!  I’m just not sure how much downtime we’ll have or where I can run.  I’ll know more once we get there on Sunday.

Monday – 1 mile

Tuesday – 1 mile

Wednesday – 1 mile

Thursday – 5 miles

Friday – 3 miles

Saturday – 9 miles

Sunday – 10 miles

Total miles: 30 miles

I’ll still be able to get in my daily plank and will still go for 2 minutes and one 3 minute day.  I’m sticking with 2 minutes until they start to feel a bit easy.  Right now, not so much!

What’s on your fitness agenda this week?  Anything fun?

Happy Week!

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6 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Plan – Gasparilla Week 6

  1. Props to you for getting some running in every day of the week! 😀 Both the gyms I’m a part of did a major revamp to their schedules for the new year, so I’m going to attempt to map out some way to maximize both of em’ (work permitting, of course ._.)!

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