2015: Fitness Goals and More!

We are officially two days in to 2015 and what better time than now to come up with my goals and intentions for the year!  I’ve considered a lot of things and I finally feel good with what I’ve decided on.

So without further ado, here are my goals for 2015!2015goals

Run this year smartly

Over the last few months, my goals have changed on what I want as a runner.  I am burned out on trying to get faster, trying to PR races and once I let go of that last year, I immediately felt this huge weight off my shoulders.  I have to be realistic in what my expectations are for myself.  I’m 40 years old and I need to love my body like it’s a 40 year old body. I can’t expect to keep asking it to do things that are either going to injure me or take me out of running permanently.  Now that doesn’t mean, I’m tapping out.  It just means that I can’t keep going from one hard training season to another.  It means I have to give my body time to heal and rest.  My lifetime running goal is be that 80+ year old woman still running marathons.  I need to love my body now to get there! I’ll still train and push myself, but there are other ways of going about it.

Branch out and Be Brave

I’m already getting there on this one!  I signed up for a few races already that are so exciting!  As you know, Gasparilla Distance Classic and Tobacco Road Marathon are already on my racing agenda!  Huge endurance challenges for both events!  What I haven’t mentioned yet is my ultimate endurance goal for the Fall.  I want to run a 100K distance at Crooked Road next year.  I’m going for it!  My best distance is 50.3 miles so I’d have to run almost a half marathon distance to accomplish this.  I can do it. Just gotta keep on this path!  I also am looking at a few races in the Fall that I’m really interested in doing.  Try something different!  Also, now that I have my CPR and First Aid certification, I’m contemplating getting my RRCA certification and take the next step towards my lifetime goal of becoming a running coach.

(Try to) Live in the Moment More

I am an over planner.  Big time!  One problem with that is I tend to leave very little to chance or time to be spontaneous.  I register and plan races weeks to months out and I find myself filling up my calendar quickly.  I need to let that go a bit.  I have several races through Spring, but other than Crooked Road, I have nothing decided for Fall.  I have to just not keep planning races and wait… Something great may get missed because of over planning.  With that being said, I also don’t want to just waste and wish time away.  That’s not in my nature at all!

Get Back to Cooking

This is a biggie for me!  I seriously rocked cooking and meal planning the whole summer.  I head back to work and BAM!  Nothing!  I have to get back into loving it again and start trying to do more cooking.  We eat out way too much and make bad choices when we aren’t cooking.  It’s going to have to be a joint effort on both mine and Nick’s parts. We need to find something that works for us.  We did get a new Crockpot for Christmas so may be that will help!  With that, we need to realize that not every meal is going to exactly what we want or have a taste for.  We love food but we need to be realistic and eat to live and not live to eat all the time.  I eat plenty of my favorites after long runs on Saturdays and Sundays.  Every day doesn’t need to be a treat!

and finally…

Find Another Love

Running takes precedence over everything!  I want to find something else that I enjoy doing just as much and intentionally make it part of my fitness routine.  I kind of do Body Pump, yoga, Pilates, etc. but nothing has really caught or kept my attention.  I feel like I do those out of necessity vs doing them because I love them.  I need to really think about what makes me happiest when I do it and stick with it!  That also means back to branching out, trying new classes and activities!  I’m interested in trying more HIIT training, kickboxing, and Barre classes.

So what are your fitness goals this year?  What are you most excited about?  Share them with me!

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Happy Week!

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28 thoughts on “2015: Fitness Goals and More!

  1. I LOVE your 2015 goals! They are great! I’ve gotten back to cooking every single meal and I absolutely love it! It’s awesome to know exactly what’s in my food! I love the branch out and be brave, too- something else I’m working on!! Have a wonderful Friday!! XOXO

  2. Whew, props to you on 50.3 miles! That’s amazing! :O I presently feel somewhat incapable of even 3(?). I think if you keep the mentality you have, you will totally be that badass 80yo woman kicking butt at marathon-running! :]!

    I’m a total over-planner as well, but school has actually been forcing that out of me lately, because so much of it [feels like it] is on the fly. :O I think my hospital’s gym recently started offering kickboxing classes, so I’m excited to try those out! :] (+ yay for cooking!)

    Good luck on your race tomorrow, and happy new year!

  3. These are some great goals! I also want to try new things this year and stick with them regularly! It can be so easy to just run every single day, but I learned its important to find other ways to exercise too! Good luck with everything in 2015!

  4. A 100K?!? That is awesome!! I’ve helped crew for a friend during a 100-mile race, but I’ve just completed my first full marathon so I’m definitely not ready to run any ultras; I can definitely see the allure, though! I’m now obsessed with watching movies about trail races/ultras…lots of grit and toughness! I know you can do it!! Woo hoo! Sounds like you’ve got a great 2015 planned!

  5. I love the goals- especially loving yourself as a 40 year old. I remind myself of that all the time! Kudos for planning a 100K! I am headed to ZOOMA Florida in a couple of weeks and that will be my longest distance to date!

  6. Is there really such a thing that we love as much as running 🙂 I think Yoga comes as close as possible.

    Keep “trying” to live in the moment. Once you get the hang of it it feels amazing! I’ve found a happy balance between my love of planning and living in the moment 🙂

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