Weekly Rundown

I can’t say it enough…I am in love with our training plan!  Not only do I feel great and I’m enjoying each run, but I’m slowly seeing progress and that’s exciting.  It makes me really interested in seeing how the next few months go as we continue to add miles and work towards Gasparilla and ultimately, Tobacco Road Marathon.


I had a hard time getting in any significant mileage this week due to a lot of after school obligations so I fit in what I could where I could.

Monday – 1 mile

Tuesday – I completed my first MAF test.  Firstly, I didn’t head to a track to run the test.  Instead I found a fairly flat section in my neighborhood and did the test there.  I figured that as long as I use the same stretch of road for all my tests, it will still show growth.  I warmed up with a mile walk.  I started the test running at my MHR of 145.  Here are my pace splits for the 3 miles:

  • Mile 1: 9:40
  • Mile 2: 10:08
  • Mile 3: 10:16

I’m planning to do another test in 4 weeks and hopefully will see improvement.  My ultimate goal by doing this is to be in the low 9’s to high 8’s at the same HR.

Wednesday – 1 mile

Thursday – 1 mile

Friday – 4 miles with Cara avg HR 129 in my new shoes!!  I had to retire my pink Adidas Boosts.  I had racked up 771 miles on those.  I’m back in black!  Love the hot pink accents on the shoelaces!newshoes

Saturday – Christine and I met for a pretty snow flurry-filled 7 miler, followed by yummy burgers and brews!  We’re calling it the Snobb run (Snow, burgers and brews).  Every Saturday run should end the same way!  The route was a good one and we ran really well.  Definitely will be doing this one again!  Avg HR 139snobbrun

Sunday – A group of us met at a local bagel shop to run 8 miles, the rest of our weekend back-to-back runs.  My heart rate was really low today, despite it being my second long run of the weekend and I was able to run up most of the hills on our route.  I dedicated 3 miles of my run to The Solstice Sprint Virtual 5K hosted by Kristen, a fellow blogger.  I took my last three miles and it gave me a 31:30 for my time.  Avg HR 129  Today was also day 600 of my runstreak! 🙂

Total miles: 26 miles…not too bad considering I had mostly 1 mile days.

I also completed a daily plank of at least 2 minutes, pushing to 3 min on Friday.

Happy Week!

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12 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Whew, that’s awesome that you managed to run a marathon’s worth of distance despite school and the cold! 😮 Good job on you MAF test too! :]

    I want a burger for lunch now, haha. 😛

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