Would You Rather: Holiday Edition

To get into the holiday season even more, I thought it would be fun to combine running and Christmas and take part in Would You Rather: Holiday Edition.  I follow Kristen and saw her post this morning and instantly knew I wanted to take part in the holiday fun!wouldyouratherholiday

Would you rather…

…run a Christmas themed event in the heat or the snow?

I much rather run any race in the snow, sleet or cold than heat any day so a Christmas themed race would only be right if it was on a snowy day!

…sing/listen to Christmas songs during your run or wear a Christmas outfit during your run?

No one needs to hear this girl sing…ever.  Unless I’m in my car, singing solo, it’s probably best to leave the singing to Burl Ives for any type of Christmas carols.  Pass me the Christmas outfit!!  I love an excuse to dress up and what better way than for a holiday themed race or run!startinglinepic…get a new running watch or a free race entry?

This one is tough!  I think I’d go with the free race entry. As many races as I run a year, a free one would be awesome!!

…go for a run before your Christmas meal or after?

Before.  Always.  Holy smokes, that would not be a pretty run if it was after a Christmas.  It would be more of a roll vs. a run…you’d have to roll me out the door and down the street. ate-too-much

…listen to an audiobook/podcast while running or read a book about running?

My hubby would pick the first one, but I’ll choose the second one, read a book about running!  I love to read just about as much as I like to run, so that’s an easy choice!

…have a year’s access to an online running coach or 5 one-on-one visits to a running coach?

I’d actually choose 5 one-on-one visits with an actual person vs. online running coach.  I think part of the process of training for a race has to be personal, so I’d much prefer 5 quality visits face to face vs. online.

…give up your Christmas to help those in need (like a soup kitchen) or spend your Christmas with ALL of your family?

I’d choose Christmas with ALL my family.  We are spread out from NC to Ohio so to see everyone at Christmas would be awesome!  It’d be just like it was when we were little and all got together on Christmas Eve and my Aunt and Uncle’s house.  My family is big too when you add in all the cousins and now their children!

…watch Love Actually or The Holiday?

I do enjoy Love Actually, but it’s not Christmas for me until we’ve watched the old school Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer a million times and our family fav, the Nightmare Before Christmas… So neither choice for me. IMG_2964

…eat ham or turkey for your Christmas meal?

I’m a ham girl!  I don’t eat it often, but it just signifies Christmas to me!  Leave the turkey at Thanksgiving!

…hang out with the Heat Miser or Snow Miser?

I’m with Kristen and I pick the Snow Miser!  I would love to see some snow on Christmas Day!

I’ll add in a bonus question

…run in winter boots with your regular cold weather gear or in your regular running shoes but bundled up like the kid in Christmas Story?

I’d prefer to run in winter boots on this one!  I’m not sure I’d be able to even swing my arms all bundled up!  And I don’t even want to think about a bathroom stop…lolA_Christmas_Story

Thanks to RunMum where this all started and Runs with Pugs for keeping it going! Hope you played along as you read through all of the choices too!

Happy Week!


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6 thoughts on “Would You Rather: Holiday Edition

  1. Yay thanks for keeping this going! Great answers by the way. And as for your last question – I would probably run in boots! Here in Anchorage the local running store had a boot fashion show one weekend, and at their weekly themed Pub Run they gave out prizes to people who ran the whole race in their Sorel boots. I think it would be hard because those boots are heavy and not too comfortable, but I almost did it for the prize!

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