Weekly Rundown

This was a training week for the books!  I ran 30+ miles and feel amazing!  Seriously loving this training.

weeklyrundownI had one of those weeks were I could seriously have run for miles every day.  I am looking forward to each run and I feel so good that some days I actually forget I ran and have to double check my running log to be sure.  I don’t feel exhausted after my long runs either.  I am loving this LHR training!

Monday and Wednesday were one mile days.  I did add a PopPilates workout (warm-up, MuffintopMassacre and 6 min abs) on Wednesday.  It was fun and a great way to get in a 30 min workout!

On Tuesday, I hit a BodyPump class and ran 3 miles (avg HR 140)

Thursday was a great day.  I ran 5 miles (avg HR 141) around my neighborhood and conquered the second to the last hill in my hood that I’ve been unable to run up the entire thing.  I was stoked!

Friday, one indoor mile

Huntersville Half Marathon was on Saturday.  Cara, Christine and I stuck to our plan and ran really well!  It was the first time running a half race using LHR (avg HR 141)

We all met on Sunday to run 6 miles.  (avg HR 129)

I stretched and rolled really well all week and didn’t have any real soreness or tightness.

How was your week?  Try anything new?  Run any races?

Happy Week!


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