Runner Girls Shine Brighter!

Happy girls shine bright, but runner girls shine brighter!  Why?!  Because of all our BLING!!

With the 2014 racing season slowly coming to an end, it seemed like a great time to show all those hard earned medals!

Medal Displays

I just recently revamped where I keep my half and other race medals.  I moved them to a shelf in our living room.  I have them organized by races and I have a lot more room now to display them all and to add more.  I also added my marathon hanging rack after City of Oaks.  I also have several pictures from races on the shelves and any AG awards I earned too. medal display marathon rack

Now for those 2014 Medals…

flyingpiratemedalsThese three are from the Double Dare Challenge, the First in Flight 5K and Flying Pirate Half Marathon.  The pirate skull medal is the Challenge Medal, which is one of my favorites!  It is so awesome!

race131medalsI earned all this bling from pacing!!  The top three medals are from Greensboro, Fayetteville and Raleigh.  I earned the 3X medal for running all 3!  I’m already signed up to pace Greensboro for 2015!

girltripmedalsThis bling was all earned on girls’ race weekend trips!  I paced Myrtle Beach for the first one, ran a soggy August half in Lynchburg for the second one, had an amazing race at the Myrtle Beach Mini and a holiday themed Reindeer Fun Run just this past weekend. localmedalsandAGThree local races and an AG medal!  I ran Frosty 25K in January and the Salem Lake 30K in September. Both are trail (like) races around Salem Lake in Winston Salem.  I ran Cannonball Half Marathon as a pacer in October.  I’m already signed up to pace again in 2015!  I ran the Island Independence 5K while on vacation to Topsail and won my AG, 1st place!

marathonmedalsAnd to top off 2014, I ran 2 marathons!  Wrightsville Beach Marathon in March and the City of Oaks  in November.  City of Oaks was my redemption marathon and I was so content and happy with how that one went.  So content and happy, I’m already signed up for Tobacco Road Marathon in March.

I have one more half marathon next weekend with my first light up medal!

Check out other bling-filled posts at MCM Mama Runs.

Happy Week!


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