2015 The Year of…

FUN!  Yes, it is my year of fun!

I already have a few races lined up for 2015 and some of the distances are crazy but we are running them as endurance events, no racing here!  2015

Our first race will be the Frosty 25K, a local favorite of mine!  It’s the first Saturday in the New Year and what better way to kick of 2015 with a 15.5 miler.  2015…15 miles…coincidence?!

Then we are headed to Tampa to run the Michelob Ultra Challenge at the Gasparilla Distance Classic.  The challenge consists of running a 15K (another 15!!) and 5K on Saturday and a half and 8K on Sunday.  30.4 mile of running fun!  We are super excited that we get 4 tees, 5 medals and a jacket upon completion of the Challenge.  I’m excited that we are branching out and running another new event.  I’ve yet to run a half in FL either.

March brings another marathon!  We figured we would be putting in the miles, so why not tack on another marathon at the end.  So I’ll be running my 6th marathon at Tobacco Road Marathon.  We have some friends that are running their first marathon and others that are coming out of retirement! It’s sure to be a great event and we’re all just running cause we can.  I’ll follow my MHR plan for this marathon since I had so much success with City of Oaks.

OBX calls our names in April!  We’ll run the Flying Pirate half marathon and the First in Flight 5K for another Challenge event.  I’ve done the race 5 years now, so this makes number 6!  Maybe we’ll get to 10 years?!  It’s our family event and all of us bring our kiddos, rent a huge house and have a great long weekend.  I’m excited the date moved back to April.  That will make two Pirate themed events this year too with Tampa and Flying Pirate!  Aaargh!

In April and May, there will be two new events that I’m running.  Our favorite local running coach is hosting his first race event, Runnerdude’s Trust.Believe. Conquer 25K (that’s another 15!), and a new half marathon debuts, Carolina Brewsfest Half.  I’m super excited to run these both!

I’ll be back to pacing in May with the Race 13.1 Greensboro event.  I’m so excited to pace. I really enjoy it!

We tend to lay low over the summer months, choosing races last minute even.  Last year, I ran a race at the beach so depending on when we take our vacations, I may look for an event then.  Other than that, we just run!

I haven’t gotten into planning my fall races out just yet!  Trying to figure out what events we might do.  I really enjoyed the Myrtle Mini Marathon and could see us doing that again.  Cara and I may be offered an opportunity to pace Race 13.1 Fayetteville and Raleigh as repeat pacers in September.  We’ll see on that!  I do know that I would love to pace Cannonball Half again.  Maybe a relay or another full marathon will be in the works?!  Crooked Road will be a definite, but I may try to add in another ultra.  The sky’s the limit and so are my goals!

What’s on your 2015 race agenda?!  Any big race plans or events?

Share them with me!  I’m always looking for new, fun events to run.  You can check out other runner’s 2015 goals and plans for Tuesdays on the Run and Fit Dish.

Happy Week!


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19 thoughts on “2015 The Year of…

  1. That is a lot of racing! I would love to do Gasparilla again, but I will be doing the Disney Princess half that same weekend. So far, I only have Spartan Race, Disney Princess and Tough Mudder on my spring schedule, but I’m rehabbing an injury so taking it slow. I have yet to figure out what I’m focusing on for the second half of the year…maybe the Space Coast half? We’ll see!

  2. I’m so jealous of your race calendar! I usually have mine done by now. Soon! Very soon!

    Everyone’s goals and plans for the new year are inspiring…and make me want to go for a run 🙂


  3. OMG – Did I count 10 RACES?? You are amazing! I would love to run a challenge type race when you run more than one distance in a weekend. I also really want to run a relay!

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