Weekly Rundown

This week went well with my workouts.  Some things came up that would have derailed my plans to get all my workouts in, but I just fit in what I could when I could.  The weeks leading up to the holidays are always jam packed and I did the best I could.  weeklyrundown

Monday – I ran a mile and got to a BodyPump class with Christie.  It was a pretty good class, a mix of older tracks.

Tuesday – my plan was to run 3 miles at least, I got in one mile.

Wednesday – I ran an amazing 4 miles in my neighborhood.  I was able to actually run up every hill and my HR was the best it has been.  Stayed really even.  I met Cara for the FUNNIEST class we’ve done yet!  It’s called POUND.  You have two plastic drumsticks and the entire workout is set to music and you do moves that keep up with the beat!  It was so fun!  It works too!  The ab track got us both.  It’s a combo of Pilates, HIIT, and plyometrics.

Thursday – We had our 4th annual Running of the Balls!  We had a running tour of the Sunset Hills neighborhood taking in the decorations.  We had a great time!  Our friend hosted and we enjoyed dinner after!  image

Friday – I got one mile in

Saturday – Reindeer Fun Run 12K in Aberdeen.  Check out my recap here!

Sunday – For Tampa, we are doing our two long run weekends.  I ran 6 miles to finish off the mileage I needed.

Have you ever tried a new fitness class?  How did your week go with your workouts?

Happy Week!






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8 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. I’ve never heard of a fitness class like this one before! I love music and am marginally mediocre with drums on Rock Band…it sounds like a lot of fun! :]

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