Weekly Fitness Plan – Tampa Training Week One

So I’ve completely abandoned the meal plan part of my week since starting back to school and trying to stick to a meal plan was adding frustration to my week.  So I’m not including it for now, I’m just sticking with my weekly fitness plan and I’ll recap meals we cooked through the week on my Weekly Rundown.

This week is the first week of Gasparilla Distance Classic (Mich Ultra Challenge) aka Tampa training which has now morphed into marathon training!  Yes, you read that right.  I’m running another marathon!  We were all on a high coming off of Crooked Road and it went right into keeping that feeling going and now Tampa will be part of marathon training.  I’m officially signed up to run the Tobacco Road Marathon in March 2015 and I’m so excited!

For this training, I’m also starting and following the MAF Method.  I followed this training summer 2013 after having a VO2 test done and saw great results!  In order to train for Tampa correctly, which for all of us will be more about endurance vs racing, it seems like a perfect fit.  So I’ll be running all my runs with a heart rate of 145 and below.  I will not be doing speed work this time.  I want to enjoy the whole experience with this training for Tampa, that I don’t want to fall back into doing all that speed work just yet.  I’m planning to run my marathon like I did at City of Oaks by heart rate as well.  TampaTrainingWeekly Fitness Plan

Monday – 1 mile and BodyPump

Tuesday – 3 miles

Wednesday – 5 miles

Thursday – Our Running Group’s 4th Annual Running of the Balls  (almost 4 miles)

Friday – 1 mile

Saturday – Reindeer Fun Run 12K

Sunday – 4-5 miles


4 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness Plan – Tampa Training Week One

  1. The Gasparilla series is so much fun! I’m sad I’ll have to miss out next year due to competing in another race taking place that weekend 😦 Best of luck to you in your training and fair warning this year it was extremely hot and humid during the Saturday races!

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