How to Pack for a 24 hour Ultra?

Anybody who knows me knows that I am the over packing queen! I seriously have to pack almost everything I own even for a 2 day trip. I’m the girl with 3 bags while everyone else has just one.

So for this year’s Crooked Road 24 hour ultra, I’m putting myself on lockdown. I overpacked the last two years and I’m going to try my best to limit myself to 2 bags. I know Cara is laughing right now!

I’m thinking of the day in 3 parts: Saturday morning through afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. The temperatures look to be in our favor for Saturday afternoon so I won’t need too many extra cold weather items. Those will be for once the sun goes down and early Sunday morning.

I’ll wear capris, a short sleeve shirt with a long sleeve over it. A winter hat and gloves. I may have on a light weight running jacket for the first few laps.

So here’s my packing list:
2 winter running hats
2 sets of gloves
Hot Hands
Heavy Fleece jacket
Running tights
My cool gear running pants
Capri pants
Wool socks
2-3 long sleeve running shirts
2 short sleeve shirts
2 extra pairs of socks
Running toiletries (Glides, sunscreen, etc)

Now for “odds and ends”:
Foam roller
Yoga mat
Rolling stick

We are really fortunate in that they have an awesome food spread and I’m not bringing any extra food. We pass the food table on every lap (.96). They have candy, pretzels, PBJ sandwiches, hamburgers at lunch, pizza at dinner and coffee and soup throughout the day and evening.

I’ll start my packing this evening. I’ll be sure to share a picture to show how close I got to 2 bags. I’m optimistic but also a realist. 🙂

Happy Week!


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