Thoughts from a 19 degree run…

Somehow we completely skipped right to winter temps this weekend!  When we were planning our weekend long run, it was a little odd to see low’s in the 20’s already in NC in November.  The chilly temps meant digging out the cold weather gear a bit sooner than I intended.  As I left my warm bed and house, I was actually super excited about the first super cold run!  It sounds miserable to some, but I love it!

19 degrees isn’t that cold, right?

I had a hard time figuring out what to wear.  In my mind, I’m thinking normal November temps and quickly realized that if I went by “20 degree” rule, I had to wear what I would wear at 39 when not running (regular clothes).  That meant long tights, a short sleeve shirt with a long sleeve shirt over it, gloves, and a hat.  I actually threw on a light weight jacket thinking that layer would come off before we started running.  I ended up wearing it the whole run!

Ouch!  My thumbs!

I was finally able to wear my new gloves which have a mitten flap!  I was so excited to wear them.  The only problem were my thumbs.  My thumbs were so flippin’ cold.  I had to remove them from the thumb hole and put them in my palm of my hand.  The end of each one was throbbing from being so cold!  After a bit of time, they got warm enough and I was able to wear my gloves normally.


All I could think about was how great a hot cup of coffee was going to be when I finished!  Not only would it taste great and warm me up, but the thought of holding the warm cup in my hands sounded amazing!  My thumbs would be happy.

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch!

I mean had to stomp through a couple of leaf piles as if I was a little kid.  It made me happy!

I’m really enjoying this!  This is awesome weather!

Even with the cooler temps,the sun was out!  The trees have their last few leaves and the sun picked up on the orange and yellow ones that were still hanging on.  I felt really good while running too!  The fresh cold air!

A race!   I didn’t know there was a race!

Just as we neared our turn around spot on the Greenway, we spotted an orange water cooler and some cones.  That looks like a turn around spot to me!  There was a race happening along our route and we stopped for just a bit to cheer on the runners.  Part of me really was jealous they were racing.

Just a few minutes and BAM!

Stopping to cheer on runners, not a good idea.  Cold comes quick when you aren’t moving.  Oh man, the cold thumbs are back too!  Time to start moving again!

Heading back…

We ran back to our cars, smiling and enjoying the run!  We all had a really great morning running and were happy to finish.  We saw a few friends out there too which is always so nice!  It was really a great morning! 🙂 chillymorningrun

What were your long run thoughts this morning?  Do you love cold weather running?

Happy Week!






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4 thoughts on “Thoughts from a 19 degree run…

  1. I don’t mind cold weather running, as long as I’m properly dressed for it! I get earache when it’s super cold out so I need a head wrap. Coldest I’ve been in so far this year has been 42, but I live in Florida, so that was even a little cooler than expected.

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