Friday Five: Cold Weather Running

I finally have a grasp on everything going on at work, so I was super excited to have the time to blog!  I’ve missed it!

So this Friday Five is all about cold weather running tips!  Personally, I’ve been waiting for the day to finally bundle up for a run so I’m super excited that we hit some cooler temps yesterday. This weekend’s run is going to be a chilly one too and I’m ready to pull out the gloves and cold weather gear.  Most people would rather stay indoors and maybe hit the treadmill, not me!  I love winter running!

So how do I survive winter running?  Here are my top five tips!

Invest in a great hat and gloves

I find that if I have a hat and gloves on, then I’m good to run in just about any type of weather.  Even if I don’t necessarily keep them on the entire time I run, it’s a must have for the first few miles.  I like gloves that have a clip on them, so I can keep them clipped to each other in my running bag as well as attaching them to my water belt if needed.  I also bought several $1 pairs of those little stretch gloves to leave in my car just in case I ever need an extra pair.  My favorite hat is from my first marathon!  It was the finisher’s gift. snowpic

Buy some long running tights

I’ve tried to run in long pants, but I find that they are really heavy and the part by the ankle is swishy and it aggravates me.  I bought a pair that has a brushed cotton on the inside for a little of bit of extra insulation.  My favorite part of running tights though are the zippers on the back.  I tend to run hot and being able to just unzip the back to feel some cool air is awesome!

Layers, layers, layers!

I try to dress for a run by the 20 degree rule.  I dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer than it is outside.  So if it is 40 degrees, I’ll dress in what I would wear in regular clothes at 60 degrees.  That means that dressing in layers is helpful!  For a day that’s 30 degrees, I’ll usually wear a short sleeve tech shirt with a long sleeve over it or I’ll wear arm sleeves.  I’d probably wear running capris on the bottom.  The long sleeve shirt/arm sleeves are really for the first few miles.  Once my core temperature comes up, I’m taking that top layer off.

Hot Hands and Wool Socks

Each year, our running group participates in a 24 hour running event.  It is the weekend before Thanksgiving and every year, we battle cold temps as the sun goes down.  Hot Hands and wool socks have become my friends!  I keep the hot hands in my gloves and wear knee high length wool socks to keep my feet warm.  Luckily there’s a fire that we can go warm up by! woolsocks

Route Choice

Run where you know there will be some sunny spots to help warm you up.  Winter time is the perfect time to find routes that you avoid in the summer heat.  We have one stretch of Greenway that we try not to run in the summer because there is little to no shade.  In the winter time, it’s one of our favorites!

What are your cold weather running tips?  What do you do to keep warm?

Happy Week!






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5 thoughts on “Friday Five: Cold Weather Running

  1. I haven’t run in ages and am not well-versed to cold weather, but have recently decided that I should perhaps pick that back up again for variety’s sake. This is super helpful! :] Much appreciated!

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