A Blogging Holiday – Weekly Plan and Rundown

Happy Monday!  I took a blogging holiday yesterday and enjoyed a fun filled day with the family.  Usually Sundays are my blogging days, but I was just enjoying the last day of the weekend!  Tapering has given me a lot of extra time to actually rest and enjoy a weekend VS worrying about getting a run in or being overly tired from high mileage runs.

Fitness and Meal Planweeklyfitnessbanner

So this week’s fitness and meal plan is set!  I have only one run on Wednesday of any sort of mileage, 4 miles with 3 at race pace.  Other than that, I’ll be running just a mile a day to keep my streak going!  Sunday is the big day!!  City of Oaks Marathon Ready!

Meals are a little all over the place.  We are cooking spaghetti and meatballs tonight but the rest of the week hasn’t been figured out just yet.  I am trying to eat what I crave in hopes that I pre-carb and protein what my body wants/needs.  We’ll see!

Weekly Rundown

Marathon Training: 17 weeks, 1 week to go!


This week’s training runs when off super easy and well!  I had one last 5 mile tempo on Wednesday, which I ran conservatively quick, which worked out great!  I kept a good pace that felt like I was pushing, but could hold it just the same.  I think the cooler weather made a HUGE difference.   For Saturday’s long run, I kept it as close to race pace and paid attention to my HR at the same time.  We ran a few hilly routes and I was still within 10 seconds of my intended race pace, which is reassuring!  The full I’m running is a bit hilly and I hoped my pace wouldn’t suffer to bad if I stuck with my HR plan.  10269494_10152778381908334_6689620013579607298_n

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Happy Week!






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