The Doubt Bully

Usually about this time of training when everyone is hanging out in taper town, this little pest shows up.  His name his Doubt.  Doubt is not a friend to anyone and usually creeps back in as race days get closer.   He whispers in your ear, trying to mess with your mind, and create for even just a second a thought that all the hard work and dedication might not be enough.  That all those speed workouts and long runs won’t matter.  Doubt hangs out with other nasty friends too, who he brings back with him from time to time when he sees that all his ploys aren’t working.  Doubt will bring Fear, Failure, and Worry.   Doubt wants to just get into your mind and head just a bit.  If he can just start the process, then we become our own worse enemies and let it live there, growing and growing, until we start to believe it ourselves.

BUT there is help!  There is a way to beat the Doubt Bully!  You have your own arsenal of friends that can help you and they are called Faith, Love, and Belief!  These three are the superheroes who can easily take out Doubt and all his bully friends.

Faith is the one that started this all.  She was the one who said you have all the goods and why not go for it?!   She lets you see it in yourself and the work that you have done.  It is enough!  All those miles logged on hot and humid days was only preparing you to race a cool Fall morning.  It will feel easy and effortless.   Sure it will be tough, but the faith you have in yourself will carry you through that.

Love is the most powerful!  Because love comes from not only yourself, but your friends and family who have supported your every step through your training.  From notes of encouragement, running beside you, and partners in crime who are training with you, their love is felt along the way!  Draw on that love and how it’s made you feel!

Belief is the quiet one. She sits just inside your heart and she only speaks up when you need it the most.  She creates pictures of finish lines in your head that you can visualize as you train.  She whispers to you in your dreams that it is possible.  This can be done.  That it will be all that you want it to be.

So as we all near our race days, be conscious about which voice you are hearing.  Is it Doubt and his nasty friends or is it Belief and her strong friends? 

How do you beat the race day worries and woes?  What strategies have you used?

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7 thoughts on “The Doubt Bully

  1. Great post! I’m well acquainted with the doubt bully but I beat him down before my marathon. It was a lot of work tho. He’s pretty tough!


  2. Great advice! I always put my trust in the training – if you had a good training plan and stuck to it, it leaves no room for doubt (in my case, anyway!) Then I just leave everything up to the race-day gods and get ready to face whatever is coming my way!

  3. I’m kicking the doubt bully to the curb! It still tries to creep into my thoughts but I’m getting better at stopping it from taking over my thoughts. Trust your training and enjoy the run!

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