WIAW – Post Run Eats

For this week’s WIAW, I thought I’d highlight some of this week’s post run grub.  I enjoyed some great food after my runs this week!

After my pacing race on Saturday, I was really craving some salt!  It was so hot and humid for the whole race and I needed to get some salt back into my body.  We ordered some Caldo de Pollo (Chicken soup) on Friday and I instantly knew that’s what I wanted!  Leftover chicken soup.  If you have never treated yourself to Caldo de Pollo, you are missing out!   It is so good!  Shredded chicken over Mexican rice with pico de gallo and slices of fresh avocado all swimming in a warm, flavorful broth!  It has everything that you would want after a long run!caldodepollo

After Sunday’s recovery run, a few of us went out for breakfast to a local diner.  I usually am not in the mood for eggs, but their take on a Greek omelet was calling my name!  It was a 3 egg omelet filled with spinach and feta.  I added diced tomatoes and I wish I would have thought to add mushrooms too!  Missed opportunity!  I chose the hashbrowns and rye bread toast.  It was so good!  The salt from the feta was so good with the spinach and tomatoes.  The hashbrowns were cooked perfectly!  Crispy just like I like them!  I had such a taste for rye bread; it was the perfect choice!popeyeomelet

After Monday’s run, I drank one of my newest favorite drink, Organic Fuel, and I ate a leftover packet of apple slices.  It was exactly what I wanted! organicfuel


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Happy Week!






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