Weekly Rundown – Marathon Week 15

This makes me scared, giddy, nervous and excited! Only 3 more weeks until I run the streets of Raleigh.

Marathon Training:  15 weeks down and **gulp** 3 weeks to go!

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This week started off a bit rough!  After my 20 miler on Saturday, I felt great.  By Sunday though, I was not feeling good at all.  I was having some chest pressure and I felt really run down.  I had some indigestion and heart burn so I just assumed that’s what it was.  But by Monday morning, it was a little worse and I made a call to get it checked out vs waiting it out.  I had some tests done, all of which came back normal!  My heart was doing its thing perfectly, nothing unusual, but what they did find out was I have a very low potassium level, one full point below a low level.  The symptoms I was having were all due to that.  Apparently low potassium will mimic all of the same symptoms of heart trouble.  It was a scary few hours waiting for all my tests to come back, but in the end, I just have to be a lot more intentional when replenishing all my calories and electrolytes.  Hence the increase in avocados!  Bananas and I do not get along..heartburn city!

I was cleared to run and took it easy on Monday and Tuesday.  Yes, I did my one mile on Monday!  I ran a slow 3 on Tuesday in my neighborhood and by Wednesday, I was back at it.  I got my 8 mile tempo done with Cara’s company!  I was glad to run with her for my “come back” run.  Cara and I met on Thursday for a few easy miles and ended up catching up with Christie and Cindy!  Cindy joined us for a few more miles.  It was great to see them!

Saturday was the Cannonball Half!  I was so happy to be back at pacing and I had an amazing race.  While I had a rough time at Fayetteville and Raleigh, I nailed it and felt great!  Wearing my heart rate monitor totally helped and I am happy with the results by paying attention to it!  Sunday, I ran 3 miles solo along the Greenway and met friends for breakfast after their run.



We had a super week with our meals!  We had Grilled Chicken Caesar Salads with some good crusty Italian Bread left over from the ravioli stew on Sunday.  We made spaghetti on Tuesday with the leftover hot Italian sausage.  Wednesday was a make your own dinner!  I ate pierogi when I got back from running.  I grabbed take-out on Thursday after my run.   Friday was Mexican take-out!  I had my usual pre-long run meal, steak burrito with guacamole, rice and beans.  So good!


Happy Week!






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4 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown – Marathon Week 15

  1. Ooooh, scary about the low potassium. Make sure you drink tons of electrolyte drinks at your marathon! I can’t wait to see how you do!


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