WIAW – Girls on the Loose

While Nick was out of town this week for work, Hayden and I took it upon ourselves to eat out or get takeout.  It was a real treat and we pretty much ate anything we felt like eating.  By the end of the week, we were both “fooded” out.  So this week’s WIAW is all about splurging!

Tuesday Night

Hayden was craving a Caesar salad from one of our favorite places, Sticks and Stones.  We headed over there before going shopping.  She got her salad and I got my favorite salad, Dance All Night, and their Magnolia Mountain pizza.  So good!!saladsticks stickspizza

Wednesday night

We had some errands to run on Wednesday so we opted for takeout.  Hayden really wanted some fried chicken.  It’s not something we eat often; can’t even think of the last time we had it.  We went all out!  Mac and cheese, cole slaw and mashed potatoes.  It was well worth the splurge!friedchicken

Thursday night

We opted for burgers on Thursday.  I didn’t snag a picture of that, but I did get one of the Cherry Fritter we grabbed at a local donut shop that we’ve never been too. It was so rich, I only ate half of it! cherryfritter

What food is your splurge?  Have you ever had a week of splurges?

Happy Week!






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