Fitness Inspirations

I love this Friday Five!  Who doesn’t love giving some props to people and things that inspire you??  So here are my biggest inspirations!


From the moment I decided I wanted to start running, my family wasn’t just my biggest supporter, but also my biggest inspiration.  I loved nothing more than that they push me to be the best I can be, believe in me completely and win or lose, they are by my side.  Nick and Hayden have spent many a Saturday morning loitering finish lines waiting for me to cross them.  They are the ones I draw inspiration from when I hit some tough spots in races.  2014-07-25 11.47.51-1


How can a group of 15-20 runners not be an inspiration!?  From their stories to why they started running, to their drive and determination while training for races, the support we give each other and the joy of having a partner in crime for every weekend run!  I am truly honored and blessed to have such an amazing group of friends who love to run together and love each other.2014-06-07 07.08.28


Within in our running group, there are a few of us who have children.  We all know what it is like to have to balance home and running.  We are constantly making schedules work and grabbing runs when we can.  I know when I say something about stressing out about making it all work, we are speaking the same language!


Over the past few months, I’ve read amazing posts about races bloggers were running, training for upcoming races and strategies and tips for running.  It’s through these posts that I get excited not only for them, but also for my upcoming races.  We are bonded through the experience of training for races and we all know how each other are feeling as the time draws closer to toe that starting line.  It’s awesome!  I’ve also been inspired to find other races outside of my comfort zone and think that I can do that too!

And finally…


Adios Summer!  It’s been real, but it’s time to go!  I cannot tell you how ready I am for some fall and winter time running.  We’ve been teased by cooler temperatures on and off, but I am ready for them to stay.  I want to bundle up.  I want to be cold in the mornings.  I want to wear a hat and mittens.  I want frozen hair.  That inspires me!

Who or what inspires you? 

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Happy Week!






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6 thoughts on “Fitness Inspirations

  1. Ohhh yeah!! You’re amazing and really are such an inspiration!! Your hard work and dedication inspires so many, I know! 😉 What inspires me? Well, YOU of course, my husband, my coach, and I’m definitely getting inspired by this cooler weather!! Yep, bring it on! XOXO! Happy Friday!

  2. Great list. Fantastic that you have a great group around you. I dont have a running group, so rely more on family and the online running community. Love the fall weather for running, though don’t like the early morning runs starting AND ending in the dark. Not looking forward to that.

  3. oh yeah! I want to be cold in the mornings too but I think here in Central Florida I have a ways to go! Can’t wait to see your frozen hair though! Nice family shot! Have a great weekend!

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