WIAW – School Lunches

For this week’s WIAW, we are headed back to the school cafeteria!   The school lunches have come a long way since I was in school!  We used to have rectangle pizza with tator tots underneath it.  I mean what was that?!  I find the options they are providing for school lunches are a big improvement over those days.  There are daily fruit and veggie choices, whole grain products, nothing is fried, and salt is limited, if used at all.  One of my eating problems is portion control and with eating school lunches, that is taken care of for me.  I have actually lost 4 lbs since school started by eating at school.


Entree choices: Beef and Red Chili Burrito or Spicy Chicken Sandwich

I opted for the Spicy Chicken sandwich, Spanish Rice, Salad and Pineapple (which didn’t make it into the photo).  The chicken sandwich is alright and it comes on a whole wheat bun.  I really like the rice, it’s spicy and flavorful.  The salad was a little weak this day, normally it has tomatoes and cucumbers, not sure what happened.   Corn was also an option, but I’m not a big fan of corn.


Day Two

Entree choices:  Cheese/Pepperoni Pizza or Chicken Nuggets

Another chicken day for me, I went with the nuggets vs the pizza.  I’m not a huge pizza eater; I have to be in the mood for it.  I dipped my nuggets in hot sauce.  I usually avoid the baked beans since they aren’t my favorite, but the other option was glazed carrots, so the beans won out!  I had another salad and sliced apples.  The chicken comes with a mini biscuit.  schoollunch2

Day Three

Entree choices:  Pizza Crunchers or Beefy Nachos

I mixed it up today and opted for the Beefy Nachos.  I also had a salad, which did have tomatoes and cucumbers in it this time!  I’m not a big fan of corn or pinto beans, so I opted for peaches as my fruit.  I added cheese and taco sauce to my nachos. schoollunch3


Day Four

Entree choices: Spaghetti with Meat Sauce or Chicken Pattie Sandwich

The spaghetti was my choice for today!  It comes with some buttery garlic bread, which I’m a huge fan of all things bread!  I also went with the green beans and side salad, which was loaded with tomatoes, cucumbers and broccoli.  Finally.



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