Weekly Rundown – Marathon Training Week 13

What a difference a week makes!  The tiredness I was feeling has subsided this week.  I knew that I was not running at my right paces for a lot of my runs and running too fast was wearing me out.  So this week, I threw on my heart rate monitor and wore it on all my runs and guess what?!  I had an amazing week!  All of my runs went off perfectly, even my long run, finally!  I mean it is week 13 (my lucky number), so it had to go well!

Marathon training:  Week 13 down, 5 more to go!weeklyrundown


Finally, finally, finally!!  A really great week for my training!  I wish I would have worn my HRM sooner for training.  I realized that all my easy runs were creeping into tempo range and my tempo runs were moving towards my 5K pace.  Bottom line, over training.  I was vigilant on all my runs this week to keep my HR in check to make sure all my runs were what they were supposed to be.  My easy runs were easy (under 13o HR), my tempo was right on (avg. HR 152) and my long run was perfect (avg. HR 142).  By adding that one little thing, I nailed all my runs!  The HRM is here to stay for the rest of my training and race day.  I have to keep my eye on the prize, that marathon in 5 weeks!  I have to run smart in the coming weeks to make sure I’m rested and ready to run those 26.2 miles.   I also made sure that I wore my water belt for my long run vs stopping at the water stops.  I have been training with Essentia water and I need to stick with that, even in a race.  I will be wearing my water belt for my marathon too.


The highlight of the week was our grilled chicken Casear salad pitas.  It was great to mix up our favorite meal and put a slight twist on it.  We also enjoyed pork chops and mac and cheese and cheeseburgers.  We went out to dinner Friday night with my sis’ family at one of our favorite places where I enjoyed a delicious Buffalo chicken wrap.


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