Happy Fall Y’All!

I have been one happy girl this week!  FINALLY, cooler temps made it’s way here to NC and even though some days were a bit dreary, I was thrilled to finally have some near perfect running weather.  I also got really excited because with the start of Fall comes some of my favorite things to do!  I’m a Autumn kind of girl at heart!


Pumpkin Carving Party

I can’t wait for my sis’ yearly pumpkin carving party.  We haven’t been in a few years but we are heading to the shin dig in late October.   I already purchased our pumpkin kits and stencils just yesterday and I already can’t wait to see what design Hayden comes up for her pumpkin.  She really lets her creativity shine!  It’s an awesome day and usually the weather cooperates and we sit outside and carve away.  pumpkin


Fall Marathons

The countdown starts once we all hit October!  Everyone is on a 45 day or less countdown to their marathons.  I know at least one person each week starting from mid-October through the end of November who is running a fall marathon or ultra race.  I find myself getting just as excited as their days come closer and I get that nervous belly as I start counting off how many more weeks it is until my own marathon day.  It’s awesome to see everyone’s hard work pay off!  I also love knowing that a “break” from training is coming soon!  There’s some joy in knowing that I don’t have to be married to training plan for just a little while.


College Football Game

Every year, we make the trek to our alma mater, Appalachian State University, for a football game.  Spending the day tailgating, walking the streets of Boone dressed in our black and gold, seeing friends, cheering for our team, and hearing the marching band is just good for the soul.  Win or lose, just being in that whole vibe can’t help but bring a smile to your face.  It’s fairly nostalgic too.  Takes me back to the days when we walked that campus,  not a care in the world.  Boy, those were the days!appgame


For a few years now, our friends, Teddy and Kathy, pull out the tractor, hook up a trailer and take the kids around their neighborhood trick and treating.  I really think it’s for the adults as much as the kids!  We just walk along while Teddy drives the tractor and watch the kiddos hop out, run towards the houses and run back to the trailer.  It’s usually really great weather and we have a blast! tractortreat

Festivals, Corn Mazes, Food Truck Rodeos

It seems like the number of fun activities increases each weekend!  I love finding fun things to do locally.  We’ll grab a huge group of friends and hit a corn maze or find a food truck rodeo and enjoy a crisp evening eating some awesome food.   There is a local farm, Summerfield Farms, that hosted an awesome festival last year after a bike ride.  There was food, drinks, hayrides, and music!  It’s just the perfect time of year to throw on a hoodie and hang outside loving the crisp air. summerfieldfarm

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What are your favorite fall activities?  What are you most excited about now that it’s fall?


Happy Week!






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18 thoughts on “Happy Fall Y’All!

  1. This fall I would love to go apple picking and hiking. I’ve never been to a corn maze (perhaps add it to the apple picking). I am also with you about following runners on their marathon (or fall running) journeys. Good luck with yours!

  2. Can’t go wrong with college football, any college football.

    And a food truck rodeo? Sounds delicious. I’d need to follow that up with a fall marathon though.

  3. I love Tract or Treat, Melanie! That’s such a great idea! And, thanks to this post, I may actually have to creatively carve a pumpkin this year; I usually don’t put much time into it, if any at all. You all are pros! And I’m with you on the marathon training…it’s nice to know that, after all of this work, there’s a break on the way! Have a great weekend!

  4. You’re so right! It is marathon season! I ran the City of Oaks half in 2012. This year I’ve got Marine Corps on my schedule 🙂

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