WIAW – Ultimate Cheat Day

This weekend was full of some randomly good food!  I pretty much ate what sounded good to me post-long run.  Usually I try to be much more conscious about what I eat, but I just gave myself the day to eat whatever I felt like.  The ultimate cheat day!

After our long run, Cara and I hit a local restaurant for lunch.  Our waiter was laughing at us and our random order.

We refueled with chocolate milk.chocolate milk

A bacon and tomato grilled cheese sandwich with crinkle cut friesgrilledcheese2

A side of fried okrafriedokra

After volunteering at the Retro Run 5K, I was craving a Spicy Chicken sandwich and more fries.  I really wanted all the salt I could get.  spicychicken

And while we were watching football on Sunday, we made a huge batch of homemade chicken nachos to snack on throughout the day.  We topped them with grilled chicken, black beans, diced tomatoes, jalapenos and mexiblend cheese.  So good!nachos

What would you eat for your ultimate cheat day? Would it be salty or sweet goodies?

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Happy Week!







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