Weekly Rundown

This week has been all over the board! What started out awesome with a solid tempo on Monday, ended up being a complete struggle for my 18 miler yesterday. The ups and downs of training at its best! No matter what I’m more stubborn and tougher than anything this training can throw at me. I learned that yesterday!



Due to cooler temps, I ended up running my tempo run on Monday vs Wednesday simply because I felt great so I went.  I ran an 8:35 overall for my 4 tempo miles!  I was so pleased with how I felt after running, it fueled me through the rest of my workouts.  I ran my steady state on Tuesday with Cara.  She had 5 miles and I was going to run 4 miles easy, but we ended up feeling great and I ran 5 with her.  That left me with easy miles the rest of the week, which now looking on it, was a blessing because on Thursday, I woke up with a head cold.  I got my single miles done on Thursday and Friday and I was really concerned about how my 18 miler would go.  Oh, it went…downhill quickly.  Cara and I were having a great run, touring around our town with a light to steady rain at times.  My cold wasn’t getting the best of me until mile 12.  I started feeling really bad.  I clearly had pushed my body too far and I still had 6 miles left.  Thankfully Cara was with me because she just rolls with it.  We ran and walked through 2 more miles and then I just had to walk the rest of the way.  I didn’t care how long it took me to get the 18 miles in, I just wasn’t going to stop.  I am really good at listening to my body and knew that if I started to feel any worse, I’d stop, but I was just hanging in there. I was never so happy to be finished with a run!

After much needed food and a short nap, we spent the evening volunteering at a local 5K, Retro Run, which was held downtown at the new brewery that opened.  There were also food trucks and a live band!  I was on the course directing runners and had a great time cheering on everyone!  It was so great to be out there, my legs loosened up and I ended up getting another 1.5 miles in (running to my spot and .5 walking back to the finish line).

My view on the course

My view on the course


We rocked our meals this week!  We have done amazingly well, cooking the majority of our meals at home.  We made some tasty pork chops on Monday.  Tuesday, Nick and Hayden ate to-go since I was meeting friends for dinner out.  On Wednesday, we cooked an awesome meal, Tator Tot Hot Dish from Sarah n’ Spice.  It was so good!  A big hit for all of us.  I love that this is a simple dish to make but it’s big on flavor.  Nick took charge of cooking this one.  He browned the ground meat, adding in the whole milk and cream of mushroom soup once the meat was cooked.  He let that simmer for just a bit, letting it thicken up some.  He lined up the tator tots along the bottom of a 9×13 casserole dish and poured the ground meat mix over the tots.  The whole casserole was topped with shredded cheddar and then it went into the oven (covered with foil) for 30 minutes.  Towards the end, he put on the broiler, took of the foil and let the cheese brown up just a bit. tatortothotdish


This was a great easy weekday meal to make and we ended up having plenty of leftovers for the week.  A huge plus in my book!  Nick mentioned that this recipe was all me and definitely something I would love having grown up in Ohio.  This is very much the type of meals that we ate growing up.  He’s totally right!  It’s a Midwestern meal at its finest!  I think that’s why I was instantly drawn to it!  The flavor was really great.  It reminded me of a hashbrown casserole in texture, which I loved!  We had a salad as a side dish just to add in some veggies.  I loved how the meat mix made it’s way into the tator tots and everything just tasted well together.   If you aren’t a mushroom lover, don’t let this recipe scare you.  You couldn’t taste the mushrooms at all.  Hayden doesn’t like them at all and she loved this!  We did not tell her everything that was in it either. 🙂  Thanks Sarah for this recipe!


Really nothing.  Everything was easy to follow on the recipe and there isn’t anything I would change.  Nick mentioned that maybe adding some diced tomatoes might be good to try the next time.  I’d give it a go!


Happy Week!







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7 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

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  2. I had to laugh because my mom always said that about mushrooms: “you can’t taste them”. But then why put them in? ;P Looks tasty!

    ~Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

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