Saturday Morning Motivation #8

This has been quite a week!  It started out really well with some great workouts and then as the week crawled on, I could tell I was getting a cold.  Even with a cold and feeling a bit run down, I still found motivation to get out there and run every day!  Here’s a look at what motivated me to get it done this week.

Monday’s Motivation: COOLER, RAINY RUN DAY

The high for Monday was in the upper 60’s and as soon as my feet hit the pavement, I was in go mode.  I was supposed to run a steady state, but quickly kicked it into a tempo.  I just felt good and if you feel good, you run!


Cara and I met to run on Tuesday to get some easy miles in and we decided that we’d combine our run with East Coast Wings’ latest promotion, Teachers Eat Free Tuesday.  We parked near the restaurant and headed out for our run.  Little did we know, there was a 2 hour wait when got back.  We quickly got in touch with our friend, Daniel, who was coming meet us for dinner and switched to a nearby Mexican restaurant and enjoyed a “hopping” good time.  (On a side note: a little frog jumped onto Cara’s hand, then Daniel’s beer while we were sitting outside.  Thanks to Cara for our huge laugh!)

Wednesday’s Motivation: SQUIRRELS AND A NEW ROUTE

Yup, squirrels.  Cara and I met with Thad’s group and we made our usual pit stop at the restrooms on our way out and we decided to run through a nearby cemetery vs our usual route down the greenway.  It was really peaceful and we enjoyed the change of pace.  On our way back to our cars, we stopped at a makeshift water stop by a local church.  They put out water on Wednesdays for runners and walkers!  As we stopped and drank our water, we noticed two little squirrels frolicking in the trees.   Suddenly one popped out right in front of us and he was cracking us up.  He was so twitchy and silly.  It gave us a great laugh and helped picked up our mood as we headed back for the last mile.

Thursday’s Motivation:  MY 1,000th+ MILE OF THE YEAR

During my run, I ran my 1,000th mile of the year.  I have a subconscious goal of running over 1, 400 miles and right now, pending nothing crazy happening, I should hit that by the end of the year!  That will be my most miles run in a year ever.

Friday’s Motivation: DAY 500 OF MY RUN STREAK

Not even a silly head cold could keep me from hitting day 500.  It literally took all I had to head out there this afternoon.  But, I got it done and my streak lives on!  My next goal is to make it to day 550, hoping now for 2 years!

Saturday’s Motivation: PANCAKES

I have 18 miles this morning and the thought of blueberry pancakes is what is getting me out the door.  I plan on having a big ol’ stack when I finish running. I might even add some whipped cream. 🙂

Join in on the fun!  Share what motivated you this week!

What you do have to do?

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Motivation #8

  1. Wow! 18 miles this morning! You are a warrior! I am in the middle of a Aching Quad run- 4 runs in 24 hours and I have 1 left! Enjoy those pancakes, you earned them! Running with friends keeps me motivated- I HATE to be left behind!

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