Training Essentials

With marathon training over halfway done, it seemed like the perfect time to look at some training essentials.  Besides shoes, clothing, and a watch, here are some other training must haves that are just as important to me!


Never underestimate the importance of staying properly hydrated.  I’ve posted about my love affair with Essentia Water before and it is still going strong.  I’ve upped my intake of Essentia now.  It’s the only water I use exclusively on my long runs and I now am drinking it every Friday and after my long runs on Saturdays.  As I get closer to my marathon, I really am contemplating wearing my water belt so I’ll have my bottles fillled with Essentia throughout the race.  After this weekend’s race in Fayetteville, I realized that the regular water and sports drinks available at the stops really weren’t cutting it.  I’ve run in conditions similar to last Saturday and didn’t have the break down with hydration that I’ve had before and I’m convinced it’s the difference that Essentia has made in my training.essentia


Having a supportive group of people who are there to run miles with you, cheer you and support you through training is greatly appreciated!  For me, knowing that I’m meeting someone to run is such a huge motivator and it makes training fun!  I know that I’m fortunate to have a large group of friends who run and I’m thankful that I do.  I also love that Nick and Hayden are always encouraging me as I head out the door to hit the pavement on my weekday and long run days.  Knowing that they believe in me makes a huge difference!2014-06-07 07.08.28


You have to be able to laugh at yourself and have fun with your training!  I follow my training plan and do my best to complete all my runs, but sometimes you just have to laugh and have fun with it all and not take it too seriously.  Some days it’s just not happening and you’ve got to be willing to just go with it and turn it into something more entertaining or it will flat wear you out.  Cara and I were having a miserable time running Wrightsville Marathon in March.  We just stopped at a DJ station, started dancing and laughing at ourselves.  Why should we continue to feel miserable and beaten up?!  Just stop, breathe, and put some fun back into it.  Plan runs around events to make it more enjoyable!  We’ve run from yogurt shops, restaurants, our favorite breakfast places just to mix it up!2013-09-28 13.34.17


Something that’s not fun, chafing!  If there is one product that I’d recommend more than any would be an anti-chafing stick.  Holy smokes!  There is nothing worse than getting into a hot shower and finding out that your sports bra rubbed along your back for those 18 miles and left one nasty burn.  Whew wee!  That hurts!  I really would love to invent a contraption like a spray tan booth where runners can spray their whole body with a lotion to prevent chafing.  I’d do it in a minute before every long run!


The pain contraptions of training!  These are a lifesaver when you need to help loosen up an IT band, stretch muscles, roll out some hard spots on your calves, etc.  Stretching is such an important part of running and investing in any or all of these will be of great help at some point during training.  Truly they are helpful in working out any soreness or tightness!

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What are your training essentials?!  What gets you through your training?  Share!

Happy Week!






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21 thoughts on “Training Essentials

  1. Where do you find that water? I don’t think I have seen it before? Sense of humor does go a long way! A healthy mix of serious and not serious I believe will take you far!

  2. I am sad that you had a miserable time at the Wrightsville Beach Marathon this year. I live in Wilmington and love that I have a marathon so close to my home where I can sleep in my own bed! I actually qualified for Boston at the race, so obviously it is a favorite of mine. Wish I had found your blog sooner…..just found it through link love on Sweat pink!

    • I love the race!! It’s one of my favorites. I’ve run the half and full, but prefer the half. It just wasn’t our day when we ran it in March. We had trained in cooler temps and it was pretty warm that day and it took a toll on us. I’m definitely planning to run the half again. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. Agreed with the humor and fun! :] Back when I used to run with my friends, we used that time to catch up on each other’s lives, and would also switch it up by starting somewhere different just to change things up! :]

  4. My friend used to do a running group too, she loved it–may have to check it out! Stopping by from the Girls Gone Sporty network, look forward to future posts!

  5. Anti-chafing goodies <<<— YES! Vaseline has always worked for me except for in Boston 2012… I ran through the sprinklers to keep cool and it washed off all my Vaseline. Major chafing after that one. The chafing was actually more painful than my sore muscles after those downhills!

    I want to try one of those "runner's sticks" for rolling out muscles some day! I use a rolling pin or foam roller currently and they work, but those sticks look like they are flexible to wrap right around your leg!

    Amy @

  6. You hit the nail on the head with these training essentials. My biggest one is the running buddies. Where would I be without mine. Those ladies are awesome, they push me and keep me motivated. They are all very impressive. I plan to try that Essentia Water very soon. Can’t wait to see if it makes a difference in my performance.

  7. I agree with your list and I would only add a couple things on to mine. My husband’s support is essential for my training. He helps so much with the kids and makes it easy for me to get out the door every morning for a run. Also, I would add to your recovery plan refueling quickly after a long or tough workout. I’ve noticed big changes this year after doing a better job with this.

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  9. I ran all my marathons with my Nathans Hydration vest and SO glad I did. I took my own drink and fuel with me. It might be extra weight, but I have a very sensitive stomach and having my own fuel helps a lot.

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