Saturday Morning Motivation Lucky #7

Motivation to get out there can come from all kinds of things, even some unlikely things, like a French bread roll even?  Yes, you read that right.  A French bread roll.

Monday’s Motivation: A DAY OFF WORK

Labor Day was just what I needed to tackle a great workout!  I was able to hit an early morning Bodypump class and finish it with some fartlek speedwork.  It was awesome to have a mid-morning run and have SO many people out there along the Greenway, walking, riding bikes with their families.  It was just the right “background” for my speed work.

Tuesday’s Motivation: FRENCH BREAD ROLL

Yup, a french bread roll (ok, maybe 2!) is what motivated me to get my miles in for the day.  Nick was cooking the chicken for our dinner and he threw the rolls into the oven to warm them up as I was leaving to run.  I caught a wiff of that awesome baking bread smell and I instantly wanted one.  I quickly hit the pavement to get my run in, with a vision of a buttery roll treat when I finished as a motivator!

 Wednesday’s Motivation: AN ICE COLD WET TOWEL

Each Wednesday, Cara and I have been meeting with Runnerdude (Thad) and his race trainers.  This week’s run was fairly tough.  Storms were popping south of us and the air was so thick and the humidity was just kicking when we headed out for our run.  We ran the best we could and were so happy just to get our miles in.  Besides the camaraderie of running with everyone, another advantage is the ice cold towel waiting for us.  Thad has a basket of hand towels which we dip into a cooler of icy water.  Talk about refreshing!!  It was perfect.


Part of being an adviser to a student teacher is to attend the stakeholder meeting at the start of the year.  This year’s meeting was really good and I felt like I learned a lot.  It is always nice to spend the day talking with other teachers and learning information that will make me a better cooperating teacher to my student teacher.  We finished our work a bit early and I had enough time to come home and get a run in before we started cooking dinner.  It was a huge help to not stress out how I was going to get a run in today.

Friday’s Motivation: A “REST” DAY

One mile is such a treat during marathon training.  I loved the ease of running just one mile

Saturday’s Motivation: SLEEPING IN

Cara and I are pacing the Race 13.1 Fayetteville race tomorrow and that means that we didn’t have to wake up super early to get in our long run!  I’ll be running later today, one mile, to keep my streak going before we head to Fayetteville.

Join in on the fun!  Share what motivated you this week!

What you do have to do?

  • Create a blog about what motivated you this week.  Was it a quote?  A picture?  Something awesome?
  • Linkup every Saturday here at Runnergirl in a Rocking World.  Include the Saturday Morning Motivation picture (below) in your post or sidebar and/or a link back to my blog.
  • Look at others’ posts and comment if something they shared rocks your socks!  Give them some love!
  • Help spread the word!  Invite others to join in!saturdaymorningmotivation



8 thoughts on “Saturday Morning Motivation Lucky #7

  1. An ice cold wet towel would be such an awesome motivator, hahaha. It’s been so hot and humid lately! (Trying not to complain though because I really don’t miss the cold at all.) Have fun at your race! :]

  2. There was a hint of a breeze this morning which was enough to put a smile on my face as I headed out for my long run and well the promise of bacon! The hubby was cooking that up when I left- yummm a nice post run BLT- now we are talking!

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