WIAW – Weekend Meals

For this WIAW, I took some pics here and there of my weekend meals and snacks.  I remembered to take pics for some and forgot for others.  Why did I forget?!  I was way too busy shoveling the food in to remember to take them!  My lunch on Saturday was such one meal.  After my 16 miler, I was starving and my awesome steak fajitas didn’t stand a chance.  Anyone else have the same problem?!  Too hungry to remember to take a pic?

Here was my usual pre-run bar.  I still haven’t found anything that works as well as the Clif Builder’s Bar Max.  For me, it’s the right balance of carbs and protein and it’s really helping me to stay full on my long runs.  My favorite bar is the Caramel Peanut. clifbar

When I finished running, I was not really hungry.  Some weekends it takes me awhile to get my appetite back.  By late afternoon, I was back to wanting food.  We were out school supply shopping for Hayden and we stopped at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants for a quick bite.  I only snagged a pic of the chips and salsa.  chipsandsalsa

For dinner, we kept it simple and made some good ol’ grilled cheese sandwiches. Nick makes the BEST ones…buttery and super cheesy.  grilledcheese

I ran to school for a little bit on Sunday and when I got home, we wanted a little snack to carry us over until dinner, so we made some Friday’s potato skins.  They were pretty good for in a pinch. taterskins

One more weekend eat!  Nick started a crockpot of chili late Sunday morning and we kind of ate off of it for a late lunch and again for dinner.  I may have had two bowls. 🙂   He made it a bit more peppery than normal, but I loved it!  That’s the cool thing about chili, no two pots end up the same.  chili

Check what other folks are eating over at Peas and Crayons for WIAW.

Happy Week!






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6 thoughts on “WIAW – Weekend Meals

  1. Ohhh chips and salsa are the best part of Mexican food 😉 haha I also love grilled cheese! I can’t wait until it’s cold and I have an excuse to eat grilled cheese and tomato soup every day!

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