Weekly Rundown

Whew!  This week was exhausting and energizing at the same time!  With heading back to school for staff development, mentally I was done each day, but my running was just what I needed to keep me going.  Despite feeling tired, I had some really great runs this week and even had a breakthrough on Wednesday!

Marathon training: 7 weeks down, 11 to go!



I finished the week with 31 miles!  I kept to all my workouts and had company for all but the first one of the week, thankfully.  🙂  I had an awesome solo steady state in between rain storms on Monday.  It was one of those days where it was just easy to run and I was pleased with how well I felt after.  I met Jen and Christie early Tuesday morning for a fun easy 3 miles.  I love starting my day off with a run and with great company!  It made my day!  I met Christie and Amy on Wednesday for my tempo run.  The three of us all either had a different workout or paces, but just being out there together was awesome.  I finally had an awesome tempo run!  I didn’t have to break up the tempo miles up into mile repeats and I ran much more conscious when it came to pacing so that I could run all three consecutively.  I maintained a 8:36 overall for the 3 miles, right on target (maybe even a bit fast) but I felt great!  My long run went alright!  I had 15 miles, 9 really great miles, 3 good miles and 3 miles where I wanted to stop running. It was a hillier route, but I just did the best I could do.  And I should have started at 7:00am vs 7:30am. It got really hot, really quickly. With everything going on starting school, I spent the day Sunday moving my classroom. Definitely cross training! I got a quick mile in to keep the streak rolling.



I cooked our one planned meal on Monday which became leftovers for dinner on Tuesday.  I look forward to planning some meals this week to get back on track with our cooking.   I enjoyed a nice girls dinner with my two favorite little people, Hayden and Natalie, on Wednesday and Thursday, we enjoyed dinner at my parents’ house…burgers and fries!  The rest of the weekend was a hodge podge of putting meals together at home and enjoying some meals with friends.  We laid low over the weekend. My sweet girl wasn’t feeling her best.



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2 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Sounds like a great week! Actually, your runs sound pretty similar to mine. Keep up the good work!

    ~Wendy at Taking the Long Way Home

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