Saturday Morning Motivation #2

Here is this week’s Saturday Morning Motivation!  These were pictures, websites and other fun things that provided much need motivation for me.  Please join in the fun and link up below!

Since we just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary, for me and my hubby!20140730-123037-45037993.jpg

I loved this one too!  Nick sent it to me this week. 🙂 20140730-123037-45037881.jpgMy friend, Carole, posted this in our running group on Facebook.  SO true!20140730-123037-45037927.jpg(Distant Runners has since disabled their blog and Facebook page, but this is their image)

26.2 Thoughts You Have During a Marathon

Runner’s World has done it again!!  This absolutely cracked me up!!  Especially trying to do math at mile 9.  Am I the only person who suddenly can’t calculate a thing?!  Miles left, pace, nothing.  All my math skills mysteriously disappear! mile9-262-thoughts_0

Join in on the fun!  Share what motivated you this week! What you do have to do?

  • Create a blog about what motivated you this week.  Was it a quote?  A picture?  Something awesome?
  • Linkup every Saturday here at Runnergirl in a Rocking World.  Include the Saturday Morning Motivation picture (below) in your post or sidebar and/or a link back to my blog.
  • Look at others’ posts and comment if something they shared rocks your socks!  Give them some love!
  • Help spread the word!  Invite others to join in!


I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please leave one!

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