WIAW Travel Eats LIVE

I figured what better way to celebrate WIAW, but a LIVE travel eat edition!  So we’re heading out this morning on our vacation to Hershey, PA and I’ll be adding in my food as we go along throughout the day!   All my road snacks, pit stops and meals will be logged here as the day goes on!  I’m super excited to give this a try!

Check back throughout the day as I add in my grub throughout the day!

I woke up early and only wanted a cup of coffee, which I didn’t take a picture of. We hit the road at 7:30am and plan on stopping for lunch shortly in Harrisonburg, VA. Update soon! (10:36am)


We stopped at a food truck lot in Harrisonburg, VA and enjoyed an awesome lunch at Grilled Cheese Mania! I got the Wednesday special which was an American grilled cheese sandwich, homemade creamy tomato soup with croutons, chips and some sweet tea. It was a perfect place to stop!! We enjoyed sitting outside on nearby picnic tables before getting back in the car for the rest of our trip. (12:44pm update)image

Snack/Driving Break

I took over driving after lunch and we stopped for a potty break at Sheetz. I grabbed an iced caramel latte with whipped cream on top! Just what I needed! (Update 3:29pm) image


We grabbed a quick dinner before hitting Hershey Park for their preview hours (7:30-10pm). We hit the nearby Fuddrucker’s for burgers. I opted for the Southwest burger. Yummy burger with guacamole, bacon and pepper jack cheese. Of course, I loaded up at the toppings bar. image

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4 thoughts on “WIAW Travel Eats LIVE

  1. I love how there are all these grilled cheese franchises popping up everywhere! The closest one near me is a place called Melt—haven’t checked it out yet, but their menu sounds awesome.

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