Weekly Rundown- Rollin’ Along

This first week of marathon training had some highs and lows!  Much expected whenever you start out training for something.  Some runs are going to knock your socks off and others are going to leave you questioning why you even run!  Luckily, most of us always just shrug it off, regroup and lace back up the next day and head out.  Long distance runners are not quitters!



The highs: I finished the week with 32 miles.  I had some really good solid runs this week.  My steady state went so well considering I ran at 10:15am?!  (Not my brightest idea!) I kept a great pace and felt really good throughout the whole run.  We have a vacation planned for next week, so I got a little creative with scheduling my long runs to get them all in before we leave.  I ran my 11 miler on Wednesday to give me enough recovery time before I long run again tomorrow.  It went pretty well.  I felt better the second half of the run vs the first part.  Not sure what that means, but I ended up right on target with pacing, 10:17 overall.  I had some good easy runs and a killer tempo yesterday, complete with a yellow jacket sting halfway through it. Thank goodness for my awesome friend, Cara, who removed it from my leg, stomped on it and even made a makeshift compress from a wet leaf and wire. Don’t ask?! Haha! I also successfully hit a BodyPump and Pilates class this week and stuck to my Challenges!  Thursday night was a fun group run!  My friend, Cindy, was hosting it from our local Lululemon Showroom.  No group run is complete without a picture!

Our Lululemon Omega

Our Lululemon Omega

The lows:  CHAFING!!   Wednesday was unusually dry for this time of year and apparently that meant everything that could chafe was going to.  Thank goodness, I put on my Gold Bond Friction Defense where I did.  I failed to use it on my back (What the what?!  Who gets chafing in the middle of their back?!) and I missed a few spots on my thighs and underarms.  I didn’t realize that, of course, until I got into a hot, steamy shower post run and felt the all too familiar stinging!  OWIE!!  I’m such a wimp! 🙂


Meal Planning

We cooked all of our planned meals this week!  The BLT Pasta was really good!  Man, the possibilities with that pasta are endless.

BLT Pasta

Nick was on bacon duty and cooked it to perfection!  Just the right amount of crunch and bacon chewiness!  I halved the cherry tomatoes and started the pasta while he cooked the bacon.  Once he was done with the bacon, we added the tomatoes to the bacon drippings and cooked them down until they just started to soften.  About the time they were done, the pasta finished up and we added the pasta, tomatoes and spinach all together.  We let it cook down for a minute or two until the spinach started to wilt.  The bacon, cheese and a little black pepper were toppings for the pasta.


PROS: From start to finish, it took maybe 20 minutes to throw this meal together.  A huge plus in my book!  Oh, the possibilities of what you can do with this pasta!  We already thought of throwing in some chicken next time just to make it a little bit more hearty.  This would also be great as a side dish with a steak.  I’d also consider making a bigger batch and taking as a pasta salad to a cookout.  It would taste great served hot or cold, honestly.   I thought it was going to be a little too oily using the drippings from the bacon, but honestly, it was exactly right!  The perfect forkful had a little spinach, a piece of tomato and bacon with a noodle and some cheese!  SO good!

CONS:  Again, another recipe that I can’t find anything to suggest to be done differently!



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