Fitness Friday – An Electrolyte Alternative, Essentia Water

You’ve just finished a long run on a hot, humid day.  You are sweaty and as you touch your arms and face, you quickly realize that you are covered in what feels like salt.  That would be a sign of what your body has lost during a run on any given day.  If you are like me, there are days when I finish running and I have a lovely salt beard.  I’ve sweated to the point, the salt actually starts stinging my skin around my eyes!

The dreaded salt beard

The dreaded salt beard

I really struggle with the amount of sodium I lose when I run, even more so when the temperature and humidity are high or on days when I’m just sweating way too much.  I also struggle with ways to get the sodium back into my body during a long run.  I’ve tried several different sports drinks, but end up getting heartburn halfway through a run from them.  They are just too acidic for my tummy and with the added sugar in some of them, they upset my tummy sometimes.  That’s a risk I’m not willing to take!  I’ve tried tablets that you drop into your water bottles that add electrolytes.  The downside of those is that they tend to make the water fizzy and it’s the last thing I want on a run.  I have even carried fast food salt packets on long runs, just in case.  All of this has really left me frustrated on an viable option!

Several weeks ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook about this electrolyte water that she was drinking called Essentia.  I had never heard of it, but was instantly intrigued by it.  This could be the answer I was looking for.  I went to the local grocery store and purchased a bottle of it.  That weekend, I filled all my water bottles on my belt with this water only.  I ran my long run and drank the water along the way.  Upon finishing my long run, I instantly noticed two things.  Number one, I was not salty AT ALL.  I mean, no where.  I didn’t even have the dreaded salt ring around the neck of my tank top, no salt beard, nothing.  The second thing I noticed that I didn’t have the normal achy feeling in my legs when my body would have kicked out a lot of my sodium.  I felt pretty good!  Hot damn!

I’ve since started drinking a 1.5 liter bottle the day before my long run and during my long run strictly.  I’m stoked!  I finally feel like I have something that works for me.

I’ve added it to my monthly Subscribe and Save from Amazon and I’m paying $18.60 for 24 liter bottles.  Not a bad deal!

My first case!

My first case!


What are ways you deal with replenishing electrolytes during a run?

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!

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