WIAW – Good Eats

After weeks of “ugly” food pics for WIAW, I finally remembered to take pictures of my food from this past Saturday.  I told ya I didn’t eat just sandwiches, oatmeal and day old guacamole every day.

6:15am:  I ate a little over half of my protein bar.  One of my favorite bars is the Clif Builder’s Max Bar.  I found I need a lot of protein before my long runs so that I don’t get hungry halfway through my run.  I love the Caramel Peanut flavor and these bars actually taste pretty good.

10:00am:  Long run completed and the running crew heads to a nearby Panera for breakfast.  I got the Power Steak Bowl off of their secret menu.  It’s amazingly good.  Two eggs, slices of tomato, chunks of avocado and a few pieces of melt-in-your-mouth steak.  It truly hit the spot after my run.

2:00pm:  I had leftovers from the week.  I finished the rest of the Baked Ziti that I cooked on Thursday.  I just added a little bit more Parmesan and some salt to “freshen” it back up.  It was pretty good!

6:00pm:  On Saturdays, a local pizza place, Homeslice Pizza and Subs, serves an absolute delicacy, Beef on Weck (a Buffalo, NY fav)!  Nick found out about the sandwich from a co-worker and as soon as we tried it, we were hooked!  Firstly it’s slow cooked roast beef soaked in au jus that they strain to make each individual sandwich.  The meat is tender and juicy.  It reminds us both of the meat from Italian Beefs in Chicago!  The roll, however, makes this sandwich amazing.  It’s a Kemmelweck roll!  What’s a Weck roll?  It’s a salt and caraway seeded roll and it’s so good with the beef.   It comes with a side of au jus for dipping ( and horseradish too, if you want it).  One bite and you will be obsessed too!  I seriously crave this sandwich.

That wraps up my WIAW.  Finally, some pictures of Good Eats!

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