Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #6

I’m finally getting a hang of keeping up with a meal plan until this week.  I just lost my mojo and didn’t spend any time yesterday looking for recipes.  I’ve just kind of hit a “meal planning” wall.   So I’m trying to regroup and figure out some meals to cook this week, just based on what we already have.


Fitness Plan

This is my “official” first week of (conscious) marathon training.  I also have some challenges to contend with based on an upcoming vacation so I’m mixing it up and moving some runs around so I can get a long run in next week before we leave.  I won’t have an opportunity next week to get a long run in where we are staying.  No big deal, thankfully!

Daily challenges:  Two arms and one ab plus hip strengthening exercises

Monday- 5 mile steady state (which I finished already!)  It went super well and I was pleased that even though I ran at 10:15am, I was able to keep a really great pace and effort for the run.  I’m finally conquering the heat monster!

Tuesday- Early morning 3 miler with friends, followed by a BodyPump class

Wednesday – Long run day!  11 miles

Thursday – Noon Pilates class and a 2-4 mile easy run with friends from our local Lululemon Showroom.  My friend, Cindy, is hosting the run! So excited!

Friday- one mile kind of day

Saturday – 5 mile tempo run

Sunday- one miler


Meal Plan

I’m looking at 2-3 meals this week for dinner.  Thursday night, Nick and Hayden will have to fend for themselves. 🙂

I have some leftover bacon from last week so while reading the latest Cooking Light (August 2014), I found the BLT pasta and instantly knew I wanted to make that! 

I also found Greek-Style Chicken Wraps (July 2014 Cooking Light) and thought the kalamata feta dip I bought could be used in the wraps and it would be awesome!

We also bought some really nice looking pork chops that we’ll do something with for an easy meal.

Not too bad for on the fly meal planning this morning.


Show some blog love too and visit Mommy Run Fast and Running with Racheal, where I linked my Fitness and Meal plan this week!


Happy Week!






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7 thoughts on “Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #6

  1. Maybe it’s the heat? It’s definitely hard to keep up meal planning in our house lately! And congrats on starting your marathon training!!

  2. Hi Melanie! I co-host the What’s for Dinner link up with Laura and wanted to say thanks for joining! Menu planning, for some reason, is harder during the summer. I love the excitement of a new training cycle 🙂

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