I’m NEVER Doing That Again!

So this past March, those EXACT words came out of my mouth after finishing the Wrightsville Beach Marathon.  It was a tough marathon for me  and I felt completely beaten up.  I was 1-4 for good marathon experience and I quickly realized, maybe I’m not cut out for the marathon distance.  After thinking about it even further, I realized that I may not be good at beach marathons.  My 3 marathons that all stunk were all at the beach.  Though OBX was my first, I was so happy with a finish, but with Kiawah and Wrightsville Beach, I should have gotten a little better at running that distance.  And I did, I felt the exact same way in Kiawah and WB, but I held it together for a lot longer in Wrightsville.  Progress!

I took April, May and June off from training for a thing.  I regrouped and enjoyed not having to worry about distances or paces.  I loved it!  As June ended and July started, friends started talking about starting their training plans soon.  I spent a great deal of time self-reflecting and realized that I want to run another marathon this fall, but for a totally different reason than I’ve wanted to run one before.  So basically I’m eating my own words…never say never!  I know my Grandma is looking down on me and laughing.  She always told us to never say that because you never know!  She’s right!

I ran OBX because it was my first.  I ran Kiawah at an attempt to get just a bit faster and I actually felt worse than I did ever on a run.  I ran Richmond to support my friends (Total win!) and Wrightsville was to get another marathon in before I turned 40.  All valid reasons, but all came with attention to paces and times.  Blech!  I’ve run 50 miles over the course of 24 hours at Crooked Road last year, the week after Richmond too.  I have NO clue how long it took me to do that.  I can run a marathon the same way.

Why another marathon then?  I want to run another marathon because I can.   That’s my reason.  Simple as that.  Who’s gonna stop me?!  I just want to run and smile and love the simple fact that I had worked my butt off and I earned it.  I want to have a new marathon medal and a experience another starting line.  This will be my 5th marathon and finally, I get it.  Why the heck do I need to worry about what time I finish a marathon in?  I’m not fast enough to qualify for Boston (unless I keep this pace up when I’m 70!), so why am I ever concerned about a time goal?   So my friends and family think more of me?!  Yeah, cause we ALL talk to each other only because of races times and that’s the ONLY reason we hang out.  For “other” runners so I can feel my worth among the running community?  Why should I try to target a certain time in a race for other people?  Go ahead!  Look up my time!  Smile at how I did; laugh because you think I failed.  Have at it!  That time listed in the results has no bearing on anything.  It means nothing.  It’s only there to quantify the amount of time I moved forward, relentlessly.  That’s all.  I didn’t worry about time for Richmond and that was the MOST fun I ever had running a marathon.  I was there to support Daniel and Cara and just run.  I remember more from that race than any other marathon: the crowds, the signs, the course, etc.  I want that.  I want that “time”.   I will “just” run this one and I can’t wait!

So after counting weeks back from my target marathon, City of Oaks Marathon.  I realized that I should have started training a week ago but didn’t realize it.  Boy, this is gonna be one GREAT training!  ha! It ended up being fine once I looked at what I ran and my total miles for the week.  I actually came out ahead for the week with what I did so a huge plus!  So this week was the official start of marathon training and I’m so excited!!

I’m training for a marathon again…there, I said it.  🙂


5 thoughts on “I’m NEVER Doing That Again!

  1. I love your perspective! It’s so important to do some races for the love of running- no worries at all about time!

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