Weekly Fitness and Meal Plan #4 (NOT)

I’ve been waiting for this week.  Why?  Because it’s vacation time!  We are headed to the beach and I can’t wait.  With vacation comes fun time with family, but that also means my fitness and meal plans will probably suffer a bit and I’m totally okay with that!  Nothing better than just going with the flow and seeing where the day takes us.  I’m sure we’ll eat a ton of sandwiches, go out to eat some and cook some.  It’s gonna be awesome!


Fitness Plan:

Just run and get in at least a mile a day to keep my streak up.  I am meeting up with friends to run today and I’ll grab a run again before we leave, the rest of the week is just to run when I want to and get in at least a mile a day to keep my streak going.  I do have 5K on the Saturday we leave.  I’ve been struggling with the heat so I’m just running this one for fun.  If I feel good the day of the race, then I’ll race it.  If not, I’ll find a comfortable pushing pace and try to finish under 27 minutes maybe.  One benefit, flat course!  Disadvantage, possible heat and humidity.  I’ll plan to run long on Sunday morning.


Meal Plan:

The only plan is no plan!  We have to cook a spaghetti dinner for the house on Thursday.  Now that’s a plan, I definitely can stick with!


Happy Summertime!

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