Weekly Rundown #2

What an awesome week!  We have settled into summer this week and the stress of the school year is a thing of the past.  We’ve enjoyed some great days at the pool and with friends.

This week’s Fitness:

I got right at 31 miles this week again and finally feel like I’m getting a grasp on the heat.  I’m by no means an expert in dealing with it, but I’m surviving most of my runs now.  The temps weren’t as hot as last week, so somehow 80’s feel like a cold snap.  I ran solo a lot this week which isn’t always a bad thing.  I work more on my form when I run by myself.

Shout it from the rooftop moment:  Finally having a really good long run!  I joined a friend for the first 4 miles which was awesome!  She did amazing and I was so glad that I could run with her as she ran all 4 without stopping!  I ran the other 6 miles, chasing after a quick friend.  It was great.  It pushed me to move a bit quicker than I normally would, but I stayed at a pace that I could keep to finish up the miles without feeling totally done and exhausted.

What the what?!:  I tried out these hip exercises to add into next month’s routine since I’ll slowly be adding in miles as the summer goes on.  Last year as I trained for Richmond, my left hip started rearing its ugly head as my miles went up.  Not having this happen this training.  Well, I tried them out and I have a really weak left hip, which I knew.  I could handle all of them just fine until I got to the Hip Drop.  I rocked the right side, not bending my knee, my hips didn’t move forward or backward, etc..  I got to my left side and I was all over the place?!  I couldn’t keep my right leg straight.  I couldn’t move without losing proper form.  I have a bad weakness in that hip, worse than maybe I thought.  So these exercises are now a 3 times at week thing for the duration of training.   Hope they help!


As far as meals this week:2014-06-25 20.42.00b

I did awesome with the two recipes I picked this week.  We cooked both of them and even had leftovers of the Rotini dish for lunch the next day.  On Wednesday, some of us runner girls headed to a concert in Raleigh and we had a really delicious dinner at The Raleigh Times Bar.  I had their Buffalo Chicken quesadilla and it may have ruined me for other quesadillas.  It was THAT good!  Their homemade salsa and guacamole were equally tasty.  We had a great time at the concert despite several small bouts of rain.  Thursday was a late running day for me so Katie, Cara and I hooked up to run some miles and hit a local Mexican restaurant for dinner on the patio.   From Friday on, we’ve had a mix of pool food, eating out, take-out, leftovers, etc.


Happy Sunday!


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