Do you have 7 minutes?! Then I have something just for you!

This is not a sales pitch!  I promise!  It’s for the 7 Minute Workout Challenge App!  I have started taking a Tabata class at my local Y and while halfway through the class, I’m usually cussing up a storm, but the workout you get is awesome!  I love the diversity of the exercises, the speed of the class (no boredom!) and the benefits of mixing it up is great!

I searched for an app that would mimic the class so that I could add it to my workouts at night on days that I don’t hit the gym for a class.  I actually found the app on Facebook.  I can’t remember if it was from an ad or from something that one of the many fitness pages I follow posted, either way, it is a great find!  I treated myself to the app for $1.99!

The app provides some great information about HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and why it works and what the benefits and limitations are by adding in this type of workout.  There are 12 specific exercises that are described using visuals, audio, video and/or text (choice of male or female model)  Really great for a clear understanding of each one! Once you’ve familiarized yourself with each activity, it’s time to begin the workout!   You choose the number of cycles (1-9) and hit the stopwatch. You can choose whether you want to hear a female or male voice.  The app will cue you with each upcoming exercise, as well as a countdown and a halfway point with each round.  It is super easy to follow and the directions are clear of when to start, stop and which workout was next.screen568x5681

There are ways to keep with how often you complete the activities, your progress through the results tracker (weighing in), and you can earn achievements, which unlock new exercises.  If you want to purchase extra workouts vs earning them, there is that option also.  I’ve already completed the first day and I can’t wait to add more to my weekly workouts!


Since I treated myself to this awesome app, I linked up with Olives ‘n Wine for Treat Yourself Tuesday.

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