Weekly Rundown

The start to summer has been a success!  I stuck to my work out plan AND I even cooked two dinners!  WOO HOO!

So for the fitness part:

I got in 31 miles for the week, finishing it up today with a really solid 7 miler.  Our yoga in the park was short lived on Monday when a summertime rain storm came through about halfway.  It was pretty funny as we all made mad dashes to our cars! I made it up on Wednesday with a really good class at the Y and took a  BodyPump class on Thursday.  I joined two friends, Katie and Cara for a Friday long run that finally went well!  Summer running can be really tough.  I’ve been a completely slack on the Challenges though.  They’ve gotten to the part where they aren’t taking 15-2o minutes now and I just am having a hard time finding the motivation to spend another 30 minutes to get them in.  I think I may need to make an adjustment for this coming week to even get them in at all.

For the meal planning:

I ended up cooking two of the three dinners I planned.  The good part was I didn’t shop the first meal since Nick had texted about trying out The Fit Station, which was my WIAW dinner meal.  So I cooked the other two planned meals, Spicy Shrimp and Fettuccine, which was amazingly good, and Flank Steak with Avocado and Two Tomato Salsa.

The Flank Steak recipe was another really easy, tasty weekday meal.  Nick and I also tag teamed this one.  He was in charge of grilling the steak while I worked on the salsa.  He used our indoor cast iron grill for the steak, grilling it 5:30-6 minutes on each side.  It was perfectly medium rare to almost medium once we let it rest.  For the salsa, I didn’t find a yellow tomato at the grocery store and forgot to grab tarragon, so we just left those out.  I made two batches of the salsa since I ended up with a half of a tomato and avocado once I finished making it.  We ate it with tortilla chips the next day!  I found a Southwestern salad mix that was perfect with it!  This was a delicious meal that I can’t wait to make again.

PROS: Super easy!  Between the grilling and making the salsa, it was probably 25 minutes from start to finish.  Perfect weekday meal!  The flank steak was to die for!  Kudos to Nick for his mad grilling skills!  Extra salsa to eat later was also a bonus.

CONS:  Couldn’t find a yellow tomato at my grocery store.  Is that a rare ingredient?!  I don’t know. flanksteak

Happy Sunday!


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