WIAW #1 Summer Vacation Eats

I’ve read several posts from friends and fellow bloggers who take part in What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) and I thought I’d give it a try this summer.  I’m not a super cooker so I don’t take pictures of too many of my meals, so this is definitely a change in my normal day-to-day routine.  I’m linking up with Peas and Crayons to share my first one.

Here’s what I ate yesterday, my first day of summer vacation:

As soon as I get up:  a cup of coffee

Breakfast: A breakfast biscuit sandwich.  Yes, it was the frozen kind, but until I have time to go food shopping, I’m finishing up my school day quick breakfast foods.

Lunch: A tuna fish sandwich and a handful of Cheez-its.  (At this point, I finished 1/2 of 50 oz Essentia water)

Post 4 mile run treat: A piña colada protein smoothie with whipped cream and non-fat yogurt

Dinner:  Grilled steak and brown rice with a chimichurri sauce from The Fit Station (we had a BOGO coupon!) and a side of black olives (salty goodness)  I worked on the other 25oz of water.  This was our first time trying out Fit Station and it was awesome!  Super flavorful and reasonably priced.  Definitely won’t be the last time we grab something there for dinner!


5 thoughts on “WIAW #1 Summer Vacation Eats

  1. Mmmm how good are good olives? When I was a kid, and we would got up to NY to see my grandparents for Thanksgiving, my brother and I would each get our OWN bowl of olives (we liked both the black and the green pimento ones, from a jar #classy) because we would eat so many. Nowadays, I HATE the jarred ones, unless they are on pizza or a sub!
    Thanks for sharing! The Fit Station sounds interesting!

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