Streakin’ and Sweatin’

I did it!  I completed my first month long running streak challenge and I’m still going!

When I signed up to participate in last month’s “Run Every Day” challenge, I had two goals in mind: make it past 12 days (March’s running streak) or make it the whole month.  Without a race this month, there was not a need to taper, so I was already positive that I could complete the challenge and end up running all 31 days.

In addition to running every day, I also made a point to do some kind of physical activity every day.  So on days when I ran only a mile, it was usually coupled it with a Body Pump or CX Worx class or core work at home.  I’m already on day 33 and counting…

I really think that all my core work has helped my running!  When I was doing the daily core work back at the beginning of the year, I ran back to back PRs on half marathons.  I’m hoping that if I can stick with it now, by Fall, I’ll be in good condition to go for another half marathon PR.  All this has taught me to run on tired muscles, but to keep pushing and moving.  My core doesn’t seem to deteriorate on long runs and my form and posture are so much better, stronger.  I’ve also noticed that it takes a lot less time to recover from racing and speed work.  I believe that these challenges are motivating me to become a better overall athlete so I’m sticking with them.

I’ve added four more challenges now that June has started.  Since I was already streaking on Memorial Day, I joined the Runner’s World Summer Challenge.  Run at least a mile every day from Memorial Day to July 4th.  At this point, what’s 30 more days of running?!  I have two races for June, but I’m not planning on racing any of them for a PR, so there’s not a need to entirely taper.  Running an easy mile a day leading up to each race will be just fine. And I’m starting summer break next Friday, so I’ll have even more time to grab in a run. To up my core work regimen, I joined two challenges on Facebook sponsored by 30 Day Challenge Series: June’s 100 Push-Ups and Ab challenges.  Today was my first day doing both of them.  It’s definitely tough!  I was better prepared for the ab workout and plank than I was for the 100 push-ups, but I completed both.  The great thing about each challenge is you can break up the push-ups into smaller sets.  I alternated a set of 20 push-ups with a set of 20 ab exercises.  It made it easier to do.  I even was able to complete one set of push-ups on my toes.  Hoping to try and add more “on my toe” push-ups with each 5 days of the challenge.

And just to put an exclamation point on doing challenges, the June “SWEAT EVERY DAY” Challenge by I ❤ to run was perfect!  Since I’m already running every day and now doing core work too, I might as well account for all that sweating and streaking.

Happy Streaking!

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Please leave one!

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