I Like Big Samples and I Cannot Lie!

The start of April brings singing birds, awesome weather, and the next round of monthly subscription boxes!  I always look forward to the beginning of each month, anxiously anticipating the awesomeness that will be included in each of my subscriptions.  As far as beauty boxes, I have been getting a Birchbox since July 2012 and have added Ipsy (formally Glam Bag) this month after being on a short waiting list.  I’m excited to see what will be included in each of those and maybe make a decision on which of the two to continue with next month.  Though, I’m pretty sure, I’ll end keeping both subscriptions!  I also bought Nick a month of Birchbox for Men just to try it out.  He isn’t too big into the whole guy skin and hair product rage, but since each box is tailored to your likes and lifestyle, maybe there will be some useful products in his box.

My most anticipated box this month is the StrideboxLast month’s box was chock full of practical goodies for runners.  I could not wait to try out the products.  The two bars, the Picky Bar and the Kind Bar, made their way to my gym bag.  I always eat a snack before each post work run so I knew that these two would be gobbled up in no time.  I already love Kind bars so I ate that one first (their newest flavor, dark chocolate nut and sea salt), saving the Lauren’s Mega Nut Picky Bar.  As much as I love getting the goodies in all my boxes last month, I hoard them. Seriously.  Much like my gift card collection, I like to hang on to the samples until I can absolutely savor them.  I do it with my Birchboxes already, using up the products that I currently use or interest me the least and saving the ones that I know will be awesome.  It’s a crazy weird quirk, but that’s me. 🙂

That being said, the Kind bar was really tasty.  I had intentions of taking a pic of each bar, but I ate this one before I took a picture.  Oops!  The bar was the perfect mix of chocolate and sea salt. Crunchy and a little gooey, exactly what you want as a snack before a run.  It sticks with ya, but not in a bad-upset-your-stomach-kind-of-way.

After hoarding for a few weeks, I finally gave into the Picky Bar experience and loved the bar!!  It was amazing.  It was a softer bar but it had plenty of crunch.  It tasted like the inside part of a Snickers Peanut Butter egg from Easter but way more nutritious.   There 2013-03-06 15.26.52were also pieces of dates and cranberries which added sweetness and tartness in some bites.  The crunch in the bar was from pumpkin seeds, walnuts and cashews.  The bar has a bit of sea salt which took the bar over the top of other bars for me.  This bar was awesome! They aren’t available locally yet, but with the Picky Club, I can have 18 bars delivered monthly for $37.  They also have boxes of 10 bars available too.  Definitely contemplating signing up, they were that good.

So in true sample hoarding fashion, I am hanging on to the two Power Ice freezer bars.  I want to fully enjoy one of those after a long hot humid Summer run.  I dream of finishing a run and cooling down with one of those; they are perfect for that.  I gave the two Peanut Butter GUs to my hubby.  GU and my tummy just do not get along well.  I should have put my Run Guard into my gym bag already.  I ended up getting a slight burning under by arm on Sunday’s long run and instead of using lip balm to calm down the chafing, I could have used this.  Lesson learned, it’s in my bag now.

The fab pink wrist wallet from Given Brand is now in my gym bag.  I am planning on using it today on my run.  I usually wear shorts or capris with small key pockets already, so I need to consciously make an effort to use this one.  As far as the last two products, Win sports detergent and Click protein drink, yup, you guessed it, I haven’t tried those either.  I have a hard time incorporating the samples that are out of my normal routine.  I need to make a conscious effort to remember to use these.  I have a few more days left before my new box arrives, so I hope to finish sampling the rest of this one first.  But knowing how I am, I’ll probably still have some things hanging around.

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