What just happened?! Somebody pinch me.

I started this Friday like any normal Friday.  I headed to work, looking forward to the weekend, but by mid-afternoon, I was registered for the Nike Women’s half marathon in DC this April.  What just happened?!

Back in November of last year, I threw my name into the lottery for the race, hoping that I would be one of the lucky 15,000 to run the inaugural race in DC.  I’ve had the Nike Women’s half in San Francisco on my ultimate “races to run” list.  Several things drew me to the race itself: it is a women centered half marathon, the charity it benefits is the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), which has special meaning for my family, and  the Tiffany “finisher’s medal” necklace. I love my bling!  So when I found out Nike was bringing the race  to DC, the chance to run it was within reach.  I just had to be picked.

I waited for the week of December 10th to arrive and checked the NWM 26.2 Facebook page and my email daily, hoping for some insider’s information on when the drawing would happen.  On Dec. 11th, I started seeing comments from women on the Nike FB page, excited about finding out they were selected to run the race via email. Others posted that they were checking their bank accounts and found that Nike had drafted the money for the race fee.  By the end of the week, I received the email that I was not one of the chosen runners.  I was disappointed.  I’m sure everyone feels the same way when they want something so badly.  I think it was made worse too by not having a great marathon just days before.  I was looking for a redemption of some sorts to reconfirm my faith in my running and to make me love running again.  That would come later in retrospect, at the Myrtle Beach half.  Whether or not I got into this race wasn’t going to do that.

The new year started and a group of us vowed to make this (as Christie puts it) the year of the FRUN (fun run).  We started the year off with some fun races and made plans for others throughout the Spring.  I forgot about the lottery, the disappointment and knew that I would try again next year.

Fast forward to Friday

On Friday, our 7th grade students were going on a field trip to the ACC Women’s tournament and I was staying back at the school with the students who were not going on the trip.  I looked forward to an easy day and enjoyed the time with the kiddos.  During the morning, we were in the computer lab and I logged onto my personal email and saw an nikeemail from Nike that mentioned a second chance to run the half.  I opened it reluctantly knowing I didn’t want to get my hopes up if it was a hoax or the requirements for entrance were too much.  I read through the email and it all seemed legit.  I also checked their Facebook page to find other women also received the same email.  I quickly contacted Nick, and told him that there was a chance I could run the race still!  I couldn’t seriously believe it.  The whole thing just dropped out of the sky and landed in my lap, but the question was, could we pull it off?

Nick emailed our close friends who live near DC to see if we might be able to stay with them a night while I made sure that I wasn’t going to be needed on the bus ride home from DC the Friday before the race.  Here’s the funny thing, our 8th graders will be up in DC the days before the half for our yearly trip and I would already be in the city.  It was meant to be!

Everything has come together.  We’re headed to DC in April!  Nick and Hayden will head up to DC on Friday to meet me.  Our friends are more than happy to let us stay with them while we are up there.  We secured a hotel just blocks from the start for Saturday night AND I am officially one of the 15,000 runners to take to the streets of DC on a spring Sunday.  I’m still in complete awe and I thoroughly appreciate Nick and Hayden for going along with all my craziness when it comes to running.

As part of the requirements to run the half, I had to participate this weekend in a virtual 10K, by using the Nike+ app (iPhone) and syncing my run.  In addition to that, posting pics on twitter with #letsturnitup.  In return, all participants are receiving a Nike 10K shirt. I have a Garmin watch that I run with so carrying my phone on a run was new for me.  The app itself is really good.  I was pleasantly surprised with the accuracy (I still wore my watch) and the amount of info provided by the app.  The graphics are awesome and cool looking.  There is also ways to earn badges the more you run and you can share your runs across most social media sites.  I would actually use the app again in the event I ever forget my watch or even if I didn’t. It’s pretty great. Since I was running with my phone, it also meant I was taking pictures.  I grabbed shots of my running group, The Woo Hoo Crew, while we ran our long run yesterday.

nike10KcollageI also want to quickly add I’m still working at the March Running Streak, I completed day 9 yesterday, as well as my 14th consecutive day of working out.  I have a CXWorx class planned for today and my daily mile to run, so going for 15 days!  I’m going to have to assess how I feel as the week goes on with the Wrightsville half this Sunday, something might have to change.  We’ll see…

In case you never get a second chance: don’t be afraid!  And what if you do get a second chance?  You take it!

                                                                    ~ C. JoyBell C.




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